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September 2019
Progress Report


The current title for this publication is: SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, imaging processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more. View Full Aims & Scope

Reports - Freely Available

SMPTE Periodical - Message from the Executive Director: Annual Progress Report Shows Much in Development
Barbara H. Lange

Introduction to the SMPTE Technology Committee Reports
Bruce Devlin

SMPTE 2019 Annual Technical Conference Preliminary Program

Thomas Edwards ; Alexis Macklin ; Ben Waggoner ; Sara Kudrle ; Thomas Edwards ; Eric Gsell ; Molly Hill ; Gerard Phillips ; Marc Zorn ; Linda Gedemer ; Yvonne Thomas ; Marc Zorn ; Peter Putman ; Peter Centen ; Glenn Deen ; Ben Waggoner ; Sally Hattori ; Eric Gsell ; Christopher Witmayer ; Mark Harrison ; Jaclyn Pytlarz ; David Logn ; Kylee Pea

Section Meetings

Progress Report

Introduction to the 2019 Progress Report: Building Communities
Hans Hoffman

Reports from the SMPTE Technology Committees
John Snow ; Michael Zink ; Dave Schnuelle ; John C. Miller ; Steve Llamb ; Chris Witham ; Bill Miller; Brian Long ; Bill Redmann ; Dean Bullock ; Michael DeValue ; Paul Gardiner ; Fred Walls ; Thomas Kernen ; Leigh Whitcomb ; Chris Lennon ; Karl Paulsen ; Pierre-Anthony Lemieux ; Florian Schleich

American Society of Cinematographers Motion Imaging Technology Council Progress Report 2019
Curtis Clark ; David Reisner ; David Stump ; Bill Bennett ; Jay Holben ; Jesse Korosi ; Eric Rodli ;Joachim Zell ; Gary Mandle ; Don Eklund ; Gary Demos ; Greg Ciaccio ; Tim Kang ; Jim Houston ;Pete Ludé ; David Morin ; Michael Goi ; Mike Sanders ; W. Thomas Wall

Report from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Science and Technology Council
Craig Barron ; Wendy Aylsworth ; Theodore E. Gluck ; Rob Hummel ; Michael Tronick ; Andy Maltz

Progress Report of the Advanced Television Systems Committee
Jerry C. Whitaker

2019 Update from the Consumer Technology Association
David Wilson

Report from the Digital Partnership Production
Gillian Reston

ITU-R Study Group 6 Progress Report
Yukihiro Nishida ; Amir Nafez ; Paul Gardiner ; Andy Quested

World Broadcasting Unions Committees—A 2019 Progress Report
John Lee ; John Ball

Updates on the Joint Task Force on Networked Media, the Advanced Media Workflow Association, and the Video Services Forum
Levgen Kostiukevych; Peter Brightwell; Thomas Edwards; Wes Simpson

Update from the UHD Forum
Thierry Fautier'

Digital Video Broadcasting in 2019
Peter Siebert

Streaming Video Alliance Progress Report
Jason Thibeault

Virtual Reality Industry Forum's View on State of the Immersive Media Industry
Ozgur Oyman ; Rob Koenen ; Paul Higgs ; Chris Johns ; Richard Mills ; Mick O’Doherty

How Do Standards Organizations like SMPTE Survive in an Agile Software World?
Bruce Devlin

Production, Contribution, and Distribution of TV and Radio Services Over 3GPP Systems
Roland Beutler

Promising Noises About Media Sound? A Progress Report on the NGA/AdvSS Developments in the ITU-R in 2018/2019
Michael Weitnauer ; Paola Sunna ; Jacek Stachurski ; Oliver Wübbolt ; Scott Norcross ; Christophe Chabanne ; Satoshi Oode ; David Marston ; Benjamin Weiss ; David Wood

Blockchain in Media—A True Calling?
Adi Kouadio

Display Technology 2019: Never a Dull Moment
Peter H. Putman


SMPTE Almanac
Michael Dolan


With the addition of the online-only issue, the award-winning SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is now published 10 times per year, continuing with nine print/online editions and now one online-only edition, to provide members and subscribers with even more of the exceptional content they expect from SMPTE. 

Periodically published wall charts add insight into a very complex technical domain.

The Journal offers readers a view into the technical world of motion-imaging science. Each issue covers a particular topic, and past issues have focused on themes such as file-based workflow, compression, 3D, audio, distribution formats, advances in lighting, sustainability, and digital cinema. For its technical content, the achievement of purpose, and technical execution, the Journal earned a Merit Award in the Society for Technical Communication's 2017 International Summit Awards competition.

Particular issues of the Journal also include summaries of various SMPTE conference events — including the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, the Future of Cinema Conference held annually at the NAB Show — and the Progress Report, published each September to provide an overview of the latest industry developments with a particular focus on standards community work.

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