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Current Issue

March 2020
AI and Machine Learning


The current title for this publication is SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, imaging processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more. View Full Aims & Scope

Reports - Freely Available

SMPTE Periodical - Message from the Executive Director
Barbara H.Lange

Update from the Standards Vice President AI and ML
Bruce Devlin

Introduction:  AI and ML
Steven Craig Bilow


Rotoscope Automation with Deep Learning
Oscar Estrada Torrejon  ; Nicholas Peretti ; Ricardo Figueroa

AI-Driven Smart Production
Hiroyuki Kaneko ; Jun Goto ; Yoshihiko Kawai ; Takahiro Mochizuki ; Shoei Sato ; Atsushi Imai ; Yuko Yamanouchi

 Craig Wright ; Jack Allnutt ; Rosie Campbell ; Michael Evans ; Ronan Forman ; James Gibson ; Stephen Jolly ; Lianne Kerlin ; Susan Lechelt ; Graeme Phillipson ; Matthew Shotton

Editing in the Cloud
Ulrich Ening ; Karsten Schragmann


A Review of 3D-LUT Performance in 10-bit and 12-bit HDR BT.2100 PQ
JD Vandenberg ; Stefano Andriani


SMPTE Almanac
Michael Dolan

With the addition of the online-only issue, the award-winning SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is now published 10 times per year, continuing with nine print/online editions and now one online-only edition, to provide members and subscribers with even more of the exceptional content they expect from SMPTE. 

Periodically published wall charts add insight into a very complex technical domain.

The Journal offers readers a view into the technical world of motion-imaging science. Each issue covers a particular topic, and past issues have focused on themes such as file-based workflow, compression, 3D, audio, distribution formats, advances in lighting, sustainability, and digital cinema. For its technical content, the achievement of purpose, and technical execution, the Journal earned a Merit Award in the Society for Technical Communication's 2017 International Summit Awards competition.

Particular issues of the Journal also include summaries of various SMPTE conference events — including the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, the Future of Cinema Conference held annually at the NAB Show — and the Progress Report, published each September to provide an overview of the latest industry developments with a particular focus on standards community work.

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