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SMPTE Events

8-13 September 2011
IBC Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24-27 October 2011
SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition
Hollywood, CA

13-15 May 2012
The SMPTE Forum on Emerging Media Technologies
Geneva, Switzerland

SMPTE in the News

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August 2011

SMPTE Events


MXF Essentials?
Thursday 25 August 2011
10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT /19:00 CET

This webcast on MXF Essentials, will provide an overview of the standard and how it's used in applications as well as the words e.g. OP1a, Atom.

Click here for more information.


SMPTE 2011 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

24 October 2011: SMPTE Symposium - The Large Sensor Imaging Revolution
25-27 October 2011: Fall Conference

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa
1755 North Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA

Register Now!
Register Now for the SMPTE 2011 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition to take advantage of Pre-Registration rates and Hotel Discounts! The conference takes place 25-27 October 2011 in Hollywood and will feature the SMPTE Symposium on 24 October.

We are pleased to share early details about two major speakers for the Conference in October, including an Oscar award-winning producer involved in a major 3D release this fall and who will provide the headline keynote during the opening session 25 October, and an MPAA executive who will provide the keynote presentation at the Industry Luncheon 26 October. Please stay tuned for formal announcements and more details coming soon!

This conference is the preeminent annual gathering of the world's leading researchers, scientists, practitioners, and manufacturers. It features a full exhibit floor, great speakers, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

You don't want to miss it!


Just planning to attend the Exhibition? Get a FREE EXHIBIT PASS!

Register Now for an Exhibit Pass and enter the discount code "smpte2011" at checkout for your FREE registration!

Click here for Rates and Program Information and to secure your Early-Bird Discount Now!

We look forward to seeing you!


Sponsorship Opportunities Available for the Fall Conference

Sponsorship Packages start as low as $1,500 and include the following opportunities:

  • Honors & Awards Ceremony (Includes a speaking opportunity)
  • Industry Luncheon (Includes a speaking opportunity)
  • Fellows Luncheon (Includes a speaking opportunity)
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lanyards and Badge Holders
  • Conference Registration Bags
  • and more!

Click here for more information on pricing and packages.


Book Your Exhibit Space Now for the Fall Conference!

Be sure to reserve your booth now for the 2011 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in October!  The exhibit floor is 75% sold and space is going fast!

  • 10'x10' Booths are available for $2,900 for Sustaining Members and $3,900 for non-members
  • 6'x 6' Booths are SOLD OUT!

For a current Exhibit Floorplan and Exhibitor contract, click here.


Annual Meeting of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Come hear all about all the recent developments and future plans of your Society.

When: Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Time: 18:00
Place: Grand Ballroom, Salon 1
Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa
Hollywood, CA


SMPTE Events Calendar

Don't forget to check the SMPTE Events Calendar for updated listings of SMPTE events, Industry events, and Section meetings. Please e-mail Roberta Gorman at for information on how you can add your own events.


Industry Events

In partnership with other groups, SMPTE is pleased to inform you of these industy events:

HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation in Post-Production

Entry Period: 1-19 August 2011

  • Conceived to recognize companies and individuals who have demonstrated innovative thought and contribution in post-production, whether in creative storytelling and/or technical innovation
  • Key criteria: new approaches in tools, workflows or ideas in a technical, creative or efficiency perspective
  • Entries accepted now through 19 August - enter today!

For complete information on the HPA Awards visit


The Reel Thing XXVII

18-20 August 2011       
Hollywood, CA

  • Opening night reception and premiere screening of 4K restoration of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on Thursday, 18 August
  • Panavision vs. CinemaScope—a "shootout" featuring new test footage (and edited on a Moviola!)
  • EYE Film Institute Netherlands Restoration and Screening of "Shoes" (USA 1916)
  • Case study: 4K restoration and premiere screening of Marcel Carné's The Children of Paradise
  • Managing Large Scale Sound Preservation
  • Scanning for Preservation, a Studio test case
  • Where Did Our Films Go? - The Destruction and Survival of American Silent Feature Films
  • Case study: Reconstruction and restoration of long-lost Ernst Lubitsch silent film The Loves of Pharaoh
  • The Media History Digital Library—Digitizing the history of cinema
  • Audio restoration challenges: silent films converted to sound
  • The ABC's of Color Space
  • Restoring the 1902 Georges Méliès classic "Le Voyage dans la Lune" (includes screening)
  • Sneak Preview of a newly restored film!

Visit for more information.

All proceeds from The Reel Thing go to support the programs of the Association of Moving Image Archivists.


ATSC Boot Camp

Want to learn the "basics" of the organization? Want to be refreshed on the DTV Standard and our upcoming work? A refresher course sounds perfect for you.

On 13 October 2011, the ATSC will host a one-day ATSC Boot Camp at the Iowa Public television Facilities in Johnston, Iowa.

Registration for this event is now open—please visit the ATSC website and join us on 13 October!

Thank you to Heartland Video Systems, Inc., a current Boot Camp sponsor.

Sponsorship opportunities are available! Please contact Lindsay for more information.



New Engineering Documents

The following SMPTE Engineering Documents were published during July 2011. Links to the documents in the SMPTE Store are noted below.

SMPTE ST 2022-4:2011, Unidirectional Transport of Non-Piecewise Constant Variable Bit Rate MPEG-2 Streams on IP Networks

Extract from Scope

This standard defines a transport protocol for the carriage of real-time non-piecewise constant variable bit rate (VBR) MPEG-2 Transport Streams over IP networks, either with or without Forward Error Correction for recovery from network transmission errors. A non-piecewise constant VBR transport stream has no predictable time base to reconstruct the signal if the inter-packet timing is altered in transit through the network. This standard defines two methods to maintain the inter-packet timing through the non-synchronous IP network transport.

This standard covers the encapsulation and transmission of MPEG-2 transport streams but does not cover other processes such as MPEG-2 encoding or multiplexing. The scope of this standard is shown in Figure 1.

SMPTE ST 2056:2011, MPEG TS Packets Carried in VANC

Extract from Scope

This Standard defines a standardized wrapper for the carriage of low bit rate MPEG-2 TS packets, in the 10-bit vertical ancillary data (VANC) space of a standard definition or high definition serial digital link in accordance with SMPTE ST 291. Examples of such low bit-rate services are EBIF and DVB bit-mapped subtitles.

Note:  Low bit rate means typically 1-20 TS packets per video frame.


3D Cinema and Television Technology: The First 100 Years Available for Purchase

Editors: Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé and Bill Hogan
Introductions by Ray Zone

This compendium contains over 50 papers published in the SMPTE Journal during the past century. These historic SMPTE papers provide a foundation for understanding the current innovations in 3D stereoscopic areas, including acquisition, content creation, exhibition, distribution, and display technology. Edited by Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé, and Bill Hogan, with chapter Introductions by Ray Zone, the papers in this book contain a wealth of information on the transformation of 3D from its early days of experimentation to current applications in media and entertainment. This book will serve as an important reference tool in any technical library.

Member price: $69
Non-member price: $89

Click here to purchase a copy.


Shopping at Amazon Can Benefit SMPTE!

Every time you start your Amazon shopping experience from SMPTE, you help SMPTE at no cost to you! Click here to start shopping.


Membership Updates

Welcome, New Members
Welcome to the 64 new members and 2 new Sustaining member companies who recently joined the Society. SMPTE is happy to have you on board, and we hope that you will find your membership to be rewarding.

New Sustaining Members

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP






New Members



Jeffrey  Bova
Rene A. Negron

Bryce Maschino
Steve A. Rowell



Asha Elisabeth Ardill
Giles Babich
Ethan Borle
Lachlan Daniel Bourne
Justin Burns
Clayton James Butler
Alex Collie
Vlado Damjanovski

Krystal  Fuggle
Dominic Hundleby
Tessa May Marshall
Addison McKay
Maria Moore
Matthew O'Hara
Costa Varvarigos
Elisapeti Veamatahau



Glenn Woodruff




Omar Arellano
Bruce Black
Evelyne Ouellet

Jodie Serror
Duane Than


Hong Kong

Hon Tung Cheng
Yuk Tat Cheng
Chun Fai Cheung
Chuk Yu Ho

Cheak Kei Ho
Ka Lai Ho
Wai Tung Lam
Ka Lo Wong


International (Asia)

Nicholas Barratt
Alain Besse
Rip Hampton O'Neil

Andrew Ioannou
Anthony James Marks
Neil Richards


New England

Raymond Paradiso
Michael Phillips

Dennis John Silversey


New York

Emilio Aleman
Emery T. Anderson
Scott C. Brock
Michael Fay

Alina Freiman
Nathaniel  M. Jencks
Thomas Albert Mauro
Colin M. Tipton


Other Asia

Peter Chamberlain
Rohit Gupta

Tadashi Takazawa


Pacific Northwest

Peter William Longhurst




Joshua Paul Berkowitz

Alexander Michael Pagliaro


Russian Federation

Alexander Evmenov



San Francisco

Steve Rose

Mike Woodworth



Lisa Bowditch
Juan I. Diaz

Michelle Moy



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SMPTE Staff Contacts


Executive and Admin.

Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Barbara Lange Executive Director 2370 +1 (914) 205-2370
Sally-Ann D'Amato Director of Operations 2375 +1 (914) 205-2375
Roberta Gorman Manager, Member Relations 2376 +1 (914) 205-2376
Aimee Ricca Product Marketing Manager 2381 +1 (914) 205-2381
June Marie Sobrito Executive Assistant 2384 +1 (914) 205-2384

Standards & Engineering

Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Peter D Symes Director, Standards & Engineering 2371 +1 (914) 205-2371
Mauricio Roldan Manager of Engineering Services / Test Materials 2374 +1 (914) 205-2374
Elizabeth Migliore SMPTE Standards Publisher 2373 +1 (914) 205-2373

Professional Development

Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Joel E. Welch Director of Professional Development 2379 +1 (914) 205-2379
Dianne Purrier Managing Editor 2377 +1 (914) 205-2377





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