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SMPTE in the News
Highlights of SMPTE's media coverage, in the last month, are listed below. Please click each link to view the stories. 

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August 2012
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SMPTE Events
SMPTE Regional Seminar Logo

2012 Regional Seminars: 

How to Generate and Automate Content for Multi-Platform, Multi-Display Distribution


Today's complex environment of service providers, content delivery formats, and multiple user devices - televisions, computers, smartphone, and tablets - creates tough technical challenges to deliver a seamless user experience.Regional Seminar Schedule


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Regional Seminar Sponsors

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SMPTE 2012 ATC LogoSMPTE 2012 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

Loews Hollywood Hotel  

(formerly the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa)
1755 North Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028


22 October 2012

SMPTE Symposium: 

High Frame Rates for Digital Cinema   


23-25 October 2012

SMPTE 2012 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition


Premier Annual Event Draws Broadcast, Cinema, IT Thought Leaders


As the premier annual event for motion-imaging industry, SMPTE 2012 enables technical and high-level business professionals to hear from and engage with academic, engineering, executive, and standards thought leaders across thebroadcast, cinema, and IT industries.

The SMPTE 2012 conference lives up to this standard, with scheduled presentations from the BBC, Belden, Cisco, Dolby Laboratories, Ericsson, FUJIFILM, Harmonic, Harris, HBO, IBM, Microsoft, NHK, NVIDIA, Motorola Mobility, Qualcomm, Snell, Skywalker Sound, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Technicolor, and Verizon. Also participating will be leading vision-science researchers from around the world - as well as representatives from the European Broadcasting Union and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. 

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SMPTE 2012 Exhibiting and Sponsorship


Exhibit space at SMPTE 2012 is over 80%, yet we still have good locations available


All booths were sold out in 2011 and 2010, so act now!


Please contact Wes Simpson, Exhibits Manager, via email or call +1 203-376-3372 today!


Interested in Sponsoring SMPTE 2012?  Download our Sponsorship Kit:


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SMPTE 2012 Battle of the Bands - Coming to Hollywood this October!


SMPTE will be showcasing the talents of our members at this year's Honors & Awards after party, 25 October 2012 in Hollywood, CA. Attendees of the Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition who would like to participate and strut their stuff will be matched with other SMPTE musicians to perform at the party.


We are looking for anyone interested in participating as a musician, sound technician, or event organizer. We are also looking for in-kind donations of PA equipment, instruments, and amps for the evening. Anyone providing equipment for the event will receive a sponsorship package for the Annual Technical Conference. Please email Sally-Ann D'!    

SMPTE Events Calendar


Don't forget to check the SMPTE Events Calendar for updated listings of SMPTE events, Industry events, and Section meetings. Sections are especially encouraged to add their meeting dates. To add an event, please email Roberta Gorman:


Tektronix Logo 
Join Tektronix in our free video seminars to learn about the key measurements and test 
techniques for Digital TV, MPEG Test and File Based Workflows. 

Simply click here to register.


Industry Events
"Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Stranger: The Science of Hollywood Superheroes"

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 , at 7:30 p.m. (Doors Open at 6:30 p.m.)
The Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater
8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA  90211
Ever fantasized about being a superhero? Wondered whether it's really possible to build a suit like Iron Man's, or what you'd have to do to become a real-life Batman? Do you think gamma radiation could really create an Incredible Hulk?
Join host Adam Weiner for an evening that will explore the "real" physics behind many of your favorite superheroes by connecting the actual science to the superhero fantasy. His interactive presentation will analyze how the fundamental laws of physics are used, misused and manipulated by our favorite superheroes.
Taking scenes from "Superman" (1978), "Spider-Man" (2002), "The Hulk" (2003), "Spider-Man 3" (2007), "Hancock" (2008), "Iron Man" (2008), "The Dark Knight" (2008), "X-Men: First Class" (2011) and "Thor" (2011), the program will demonstrate how the fictional world of Hollywood movies is also an effective and fascinating springboard into investigating science.

The evening will include conversations with some of the films' creative teams, who will reveal how many of the scenes were created. Scientists will also be on hand to offer their unique perspectives on the intersection between superhero fiction and current scientific research.
Adam Weiner, author of Don't Try This at Home! The Physics of Hollywood Movies, currently teaches physics at The Bishop's School, a private high school in La Jolla, California.
Current SMPTE Members only, may reserve complimentary tickets, by sending an RSVP email by Monday, August 13, including their SMPTE Member Number, and whether or not they'll be bringing a guest, to:
Guests will be able to pick up their complimentary tickets at the box office on the west side of the building.

Complimentary Parking Locations:

IBC2012IBC 2012 Logo

Conference 6-11 September 2012

Exhibition 7-11 September 2012

RAI Amsterdam 


You can feel the energy begin to build as the industry gears itself up for IBC2012!


Run by the industry, for the industry, IBC is owned by six industry partners, including SMPTE, that represent both exhibitors and visitors. IBC2012 features a new fourteenth Hall to cater for yet more exciting innovation, an expanded Rising Stars Programme to excite budding entrepreneurs, and an exciting set of nominations bidding for a coveted IBC Innovation Awards.

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IEEE Bridging the Gap Course
11-12 October 2012 
Concordia University in Montreal, Canada

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This two-day, highly interactive seminar allows engineers and technicians from a wide variety of backgrounds to gain a mutual understanding of the complex relationships that exist between media and information processing technologies.
We are still actively recruiting students and looking for organizations which are able to host class sessions in their facilities. If you are interested in attending or hosting an upcoming class, or if you would just like more information, please email

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Live, interactive educational webcasts covering hot-topic technologies, issues and developments.
 PDA Sponsor Block
Multi-Platform, Multi-Display Content: Moving from Onerous to Manageable
Guest Speakers: Bruce Devlin, CTO, Amberfin
When: 30 August 2012 at 17:00 UTC/13:00 Eastern/10:00 Pacific


Content producers tell stories about creating hundreds and even tens of thousands of versions of content to accommodate the various platforms and display devices scattered across the media consumption landscape. During this SMPTE PDA Now educational webcast, Bruce Devlin, Amberfin's CTO, discusses why we need a better process and what content producers can do to ease the burden when considering content production for the multi-platform, multi-display ecosystem.   


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High Frame Rates - A Technical Discussion on the Impact it Will Have on Motion Imaging Workflows 

Guest Speakers: Jim Whittlesey, Deluxe
When: 13 September 2012 at 17:00 UTC/13:00 Eastern/10:00 Pacific

With an eye on the ever evolving motion imaging technology horizon, high frame rate (HFR) content is the next challenge to impact the entire theatrical workflow. So what are the benefits of HFR technology? How will HFR affect the media workflow? What challenges stand between current workflows and widespread adoption of HFR? Please join our very special guest speakers as they explore the essentials of High Frame Rate media.  


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Standards Webcast


Motion Picture Metadata: Beyond the Basics  

Guest Speaker: Karen Broome, Sony Electronics US Technology Standards Office

When: 28 August 2012 at 17:00 UTC/13:00 Eastern/10:00 Pacific


Most large studios and archival institutions realize the critical importance of metadata for development, description, and delivery of audiovisual content. But the recent explosion of new media formats and a growing need for coordinated management of multilingual resources is putting a strain on existing systems. Can SMPTE help? Karen Broome, metadata specialist for Sony's U.S. Technology Standards Office, goes beyond the basics to discuss emerging requirements for motion picture metadata and the complexities of context.


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Ultrium LTO Geek Revised    

PDA Now and Standards Webcasts On-demand Playback Videos


SMPTE captures every PDA Now webcast for on-demand playback. Our growing library of topics covers, storage, stereoscopic 3D, live streaming and much, much more. Members are permitted to download previously recorded PDA Now and Standards webcasts, free-of-charge.  Click here to access.


SMPTE Virtual Classroom Cisco CCNA Exploration Program


SMPTE's Virtual Classroom courses are an innovative and educational service. Through the Virtual Classroom, we offer learning opportunities to individuals from around the world.

The Cisco CCNA Exploration Program is comprised of four intensive Cisco CCNA Exploration courses. Successfully completing all four courses in the CCNA Exploration Program may help an individual prepare for the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam.


Upcoming 2012 Course Offerings:


CCNA1 - Exploration: Network Fundamentals
Following a top-down approach, this CCNA Exploration Course introduces applications and application services very early in the curriculum to provide a foundation. Advanced technologies (voice, video, wireless, and security) are also introduced.  Sold Out Button

Begins: Monday, 20 August 2012  
Ends: Friday, 5 October 2012
Online - SMPTE Virtual Classroom Course 


Begins: Monday, 26 November 2012  
Ends: Friday, 11 January 2013 Register Now
Online - SMPTE Virtual Classroom Course


CCNA2 - Exploration: Routers and Routing Basics
Prerequisite: CCNA1 Exploration*

This CCNA Exploration Course describes the architecture, components, and operation of routers, and explains the principles of routing and routing protocols. Students analyze, configure, verify, and troubleshoot the primary routing protocols RIPv1, RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF. Course participants will also learn to recognize and correct common routing issues and problems.  


Begins: Monday, 15 October 2012 Register Now
Ends: Friday, 7 December 2012
Online - SMPTE Virtual Classroom Course  


* Prerequisite courses may be completed at SMPTE or another Cisco Networking Academy  


For more information, click here.

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SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal July/Aug Cover

The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, imaging processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more.   



Join the SMPTE Board of Editors


The SMPTE Journal is seeking members interested in actively participating in its on-line peer review process. Members of the Board of Editors have the opportunity to review and evaluate papers submitted for publication in their areas of expertise and interest. Board membership also provides the opportunity to suggest and discuss important issues in motion imaging to determine relevant topics for publication in the Journal. Working with the Editorial Vice President, Managing Editor, and your colleagues on the BoE in shaping and maintaining a high level of editorial quality in the Journal, you will provide a valuable service to all SMPTE members and the Motion Imaging industry in general. If you are a SMPTE member and would like to join this volunteer effort please contact Glen Pensinger, BoE Chair, for further information at


Standards and Products

New Engineering Documents Standards Cover

(published during July 2012)


Amendment 1:2012 to SMPTE 268M-2003, File Format for Digital Moving-Picture Exchange (DPX) - Amendment1

Extract from Scope

The purpose of this amendment is to modify SMPTE 268M-2003 so that the file format for Digital Moving-Picture Exchange (DPX) may be utilized as a container for Academy Density Exchange Encoding (ADX) code values.


SMPTE ST 385:2012 (Revision of SMPTE 385M-2004), Material Exchange Format (MXF) - Mapping SDTI-CP Essence and Metadata into the MXF Generic Container


Extract from Scope

This standard specifies the mapping of essence and metadata conforming to SMPTE ST 326 to the MXF Generic Container. The MXF Generic Container is the native Essence Container for use in an MXF file body.


This standard specifies an SDTI-CP compatible System Item as a sequence of metadata elements in the MXF Generic Container. The standard then describes how the SDTI-CP System Item, conforming to SMPTE ST 326, can be mapped into the SDTI-CP compatible System Item of the MXF Generic Container as defined by both SMPTE ST 379-1 and SMPTE ST 379-2.


This standard also specifies how SDTI-CP picture, sound and Auxiliary Items conforming to SMPTE ST 326 can be mapped into the MXF Generic Container. This includes mapping of SDTI-CP elements conforming to SMPTE ST 326.


Where required, this standard also defines how the MXF Generic Container containing the appropriate metadata andEssence Elements can be mapped into SMPTE ST 326.




Extract from Scope

The SMPTE 425 suite of documents defines the mapping of various source image formats onto a single link, dual link and quad link serial digital interfaces operating at a nominal rate of 3 Gb/s. This informative "roadmap" describes the documents in the SMPTE 425 suite. The SMPTE 425 series documents specify a virtual interface that is carried on a physical link specified by SMPTE ST 424.



SMPTE ST 425-4:2012, Dual 3 Gb/s Serial Digital Interface for Stereoscopic Image Transport


Extract from Scope

This standard defines a means of transporting stereoscopic images (Left eye and Right eye images) using an interface consisting of two streams based on the SMPTE ST 425-1 data structures. The Left eye images are carried on one stream of the interface and the Right eye images are carried on the other stream.

The stereoscopic image formats to be transported using this standard are the 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 image formats enumerated in Table 1, where each image format is defined by SMPTE ST 274, SMPTE ST 296, SMPTE ST 2048-2, SMPTE ST 428-9 or SMPTE ST 428-19, has a payload capacity of nominally 3 Gb/s and can be transported by a single SMPTE ST 424 serial interface.

Audio and other associated ancillary data may also be transported. This standard also defines a payload identifier.

Mapping structures for the video essence and ancillary data shall be as defined in SMPTE ST 425-1 Level A or Level B-DL.

It is not necessary for implementations to include support for all formats defined in Table 1, nor is it a requirement to support both mapping modes to conform to this standard. Implementers should indicate supported formats and supported mapping modes in commercial publications.



SMPTE RP 210v13:2012 (Revision of RP 210v12:2010), Metadata Element Dictionary


Extract from Scope

The data element dictionary defines data elements, including their names, descriptions and identifiers, for association with essence or other metadata. A full explanation is contained in SMPTE ST 335.


The metadata dictionary structure defined in SMPTE ST 335 covers the use of metadata for all types of essence (video, audio, and data in their various forms). The standard specifies that any application must conform both to:


(a)  the definitions and formats in SMPTE ST 335; and

(b)  the data element dictionary.


This register and the register structure defining document (SMPTE ST 335) must be used together as a pair - neither must be used in isolation.


This recommended practice contains a representation of the SMPTE Data Element Dictionary in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

3D Cinema Cover
3-D Cinema and Television Technology: 
The First 100 Years 


This compendium contains more than 50 papers published in the SMPTE Journal during the past century from 1919 to 2010. These historic SMPTE papers provide a foundation for understanding the current innovations in 3D stereoscopic areas, including acquisition, content creation, exhibition, distribution, and display technology. Edited by Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé, and Bill Hogan, with chapter introductions by Ray Zone, the papers in this book contain a wealth of information on the transformation of 3D from its early days of experimentation to current applications in media and entertainment. This book serves as an important reference tool in any technical library.


Purchase a copy today!


Members: $69
Non-members: $89

Amazon SMPTE Logo
Shopping at Amazon Can Benefit SMPTE! 
When you shop Amazon, remember to connect through SMPTE first. Every time you start your Amazon shopping experience from SMPTE, you help SMPTE at no cost to you. Clickhere to start shopping. 

Standards & Engineering

Membership Updates

SMPTE Student Membership Challenge! Bill Miller, SMPTE Fellow and Progress Medal honoree  


Bill Miller, a SMPTE Fellow and Progress Medal honoree, has challenged the membership to a fund that pays for the first year of membership for new student members. He will personally match donations, up to a total of $5000! 



Your first year of SMPTE Membership can be yours, free! Click the button below to get started. Once you have completed the application, we will let you know how your membership will be supported.  


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What is the Student Membership Challenge?  
Proposed by Bill Miller, the Student Membership Challenge is a fund that is represents donations by members who wish to support students as SMPTE members.  Bill has generously agreed to match donations up to $5000.  As Bill says, "Donate so that you will cost me money!"


Why now?
SMPTE needs to attract students to membership to help us grow - and we need the best and brightest in our industry.  One of the best ways to do this is to educate college students in technical fields about our industry through their membership in SMPTE.  Even though the $35 annual student dues may seem to be quite modest, for a student on a very limited budget, paying for college, $35 can be significant amount. 


How can you help?
SMPTE has set up a Student Membership Challenge Fund for this purpose.  Mr. Miller has committed to personally match dollar-for-dollar all contributions to this fund up to $5,000.  


Remember to check if your employer offers matching charitable contributions; please look into this as policies vary from company to company.  Mr. Miller will match company contributions as well as individual,  so if you have a company match, your every donation would be multiplied fourfold.

And since SMPTE is a non-profit scientific, educational or cultural institution qualified under section 501 (c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code, your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  


Donate now to help introduce Students to SMPTE and the Motion Imaging Industry! 



2012 SMPTE Elections are Coming!   
The 2012 SMPTE Elections for Officers and Governors of the Society will be opening 13 August. All voting members of the Society will receive an email with instructions and login information for the balloting website. This includes members in the following grades:  Professional, Executive, Fellow, Life, and Honorary. The elections will remain open until 11:59pm Eastern on September 24. Please be sure to cast your votes for the leaders who will represent you on the 2013 SMPTE Board!


 SMPTE Speakers Bureau


A new resource for Sections has been added to under Members Only (you will have to login to use this resource). In the Speakers Bureau, you can find Speakers for your meetings, volunteer to be a Speaker or nominate someone to speak at a meeting. Just follow the directions and the links on the main page.  


We have just a few Speakers right now, but with your help we will continue to build the resource, adding Speakers and organizing it by topic. Please contact Roberta Gorman at if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more updates!


Be a Part of SMPTE's Centennial!


SMPTE is planning for its Centennial Celebration in 2016!  We're looking for members who are interested in participating on the Centennial Planning Committee.  If you'd like to contribute your ideas, time, or knowledge, please contact us at


Selman and Company Advertorial

Welcome, New Members!


Welcome to our members who recently joined the Society. SMPTE is happy to have you on board and we hope that you will find your membership to be rewarding.

Sustaining Members

XOR Media (Supporting) 


For a complete list of new Individual Members, please click here.


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SMPTE Staff Contacts  


Executive and Admin.

Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Barbara Lange Executive Director 2370 +1 (914) 205-2370
Sally-Ann D'Amato Director of Operations 2375 +1 (914) 205-2375
Roberta Gorman Manager, Member Relations 2376 +1 (914) 205-2376
Aimee Ricca Product Marketing Manager 2381 +1 (914) 205-2381
June Marie Sobrito Executive Assistant 2384 +1 (914) 205-2384

Standards & Engineering

Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Peter D Symes Director, Standards & Engineering 2371 +1 (914) 205-2371
Mauricio Roldan Manager of Engineering Services / Test Materials 2374 +1 (914) 205-2374
Elizabeth Migliore SMPTE Standards Publisher 2373 +1 (914) 205-2373

Professional Development

Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Joel E. Welch Director of Professional Development 2379 +1 (914) 205-2379
Dianne Purrier Managing Editor 2377 +1 (914) 205-2377


Name & E-Mail Position Extension Direct Dial Phone
Ken Wendel Controller 2372 +1 (914) 205-2372
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