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SMPTE in the News
Highlights of SMPTE's recent media coverage are listed below. Please click each link to view the stories. 

FCC Recognizes SMPTE for Closed-Captioning Standard(TVTechnology)

SMPTE and VSF standards for high bit rate IP video(Advanced Television)

Super-clear format can puncture 'Hobbit' fantasy(Huffington Post)

SDI over IP - seamless signal switching in SMPTE 2022-6 and a novel multicast routing concept (EBU Technical Review)

Why 120 FPS Is the Sweet Spot for HFR Shooting - Siegfried Foessel, Fraunhofer IIS, on Getting the Most Flexibility in Post (studiodaily)

EDCF Technical Support Group White Paper on High Frame Rates (3Droundabout)

Section Events
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SMPTE Medical
  December 2012
Black Magic Atem 

Hi Mauricio,  
Happy Holidays Banner

All of us at SMPTE join in wishing you health, happiness, and joy this Holiday Season and a New Year filled with prosperity. We value our members and thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year! All the best to you and your family.

Stay Connected

3D Book Holiday Promo
Holiday Promotion - Save 30% - Until 1 January 2013
3D Cinema and Television Technology: The First 100 Years 

This compendium contains more than 50 papers published in the SMPTE Journal during the past century from 1919 to 2010. These historic SMPTE papers provide a foundation for understanding the current innovations in 3D stereoscopic areas, including acquisition, content creation, exhibition, distribution, and display technology. Edited by Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé, and Bill Hogan, with chapter introductions by the late Ray Zone, the papers in this book contain a wealth of information on the transformation of 3D from its early days of experimentation to current applications in media and entertainment. This book serves as an important reference tool in any technical library.


Purchase a copy today - Purchase must be made via the SMPTE Store to receive discount.


Member Price: Regularly $69, Holiday Special $42
Non-member Price: Regularly $89, Holiday Special $62 

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SMPTE Events
SMPTE Regional Seminar Logo

Regional Seminars: 

How to Generate and Automate Content for Multi-Platform, Multi-Display Distribution


Today's complex environment of service providers, content delivery formats, and multiple user devices - televisions, computers, smartphone, and tablets - creates tough technical challenges to deliver a seamless user experience.

Join us and walk away with practical knowledge that you can implement right away! 
Thurs. 31 Jan - New York, NY: Rescheduled! Register Button    
The MPE Penthouse, 432 West 45th St., New York, NY  
Ben Davenport, AmberFin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation; 
Shaun Flagg, Cox Media 
SMPTE Members receive discounted rates. 
 Wed. 6 Feb - London, UK: Register ButtonJust Announced! 
Bruce Devlin, AmberFin 
FREE Admission for SMPTE Members, Sponsored by the BBC Academy 
Thurs. 7 Feb - Salford - UK: Just Announced!  Register Button 
Bruce Devlin, AmberFin
FREE Admission for SMPTE Members, Sponsored by the BBC Academy 

Ultrium LTO Geek Revised 

As a proud partner of the 2013 NAB Show, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is pleased to extend this special offer. 

Register today with code EP33 to get $100 off SMART Pass or Conference Flex Pass non-member rates. Or use code EP02 for a free Exhibits-only pass.

Please join SMPTE at the Technology Summit on Cinema Saturday, 6 April - Sunday, 7 April.
*Discount does not apply towards P|PW One-day, P|PW Certification Prep Classes and Exams. Registration includes access to the Show Floor.

NAB Register Button

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ETIA logo

Entertainment technology development and content deployment has historically been the purview of Hollywood and traditional broadcast media. However, rapid convergence of technology improvements in connectivity, bandwidth, and media processing coupled with consumer interest has caused a surge in media distribution over the Web.
Produced by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers in partnership with the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering, this two-day conference at the beautiful Stanford University campus will explore the technical, creative, and business requirements for delivering a compelling, high-quality, monetizable entertainment experience over the Web, covering four aspects of the ecosystem and includes an evening event with keynote speaker(s).

Shure Banner 

SMPTE Australia 13SMPTE Australia Conference and Exhibition 
23-26 July 2013
Sydney Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour
The SMPTE Conference and Exhibition is the pre-eminent event for suppliers, technologists and content creators in the motion-imaging, sound and broadcast industries.  SMPTE Australia conferences have an international reputation for linking the cutting edge of development with the practicality of solving today's problems.

We will be seeking informative and thought-provoking papers and panels on a broad range of topics. Papers may be related to academic work, new developments, case studies and professional interpretation. If you have a message to deliver, or  would like to share the secret of working smarter, then we want to hear from you. 

Your contribution will be recognized by leaders and practitioners who shape our industry's future.  A selection of suggested topics will be released soon.

Conference Enquiries:

SMPTE Events Calendar


Don't forget to check the SMPTE Events Calendar for updated listings of SMPTE events, Industry events, and Section meetings. Sections are especially encouraged to add their meeting dates. To add an event, please email Roberta Gorman:  

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Industry Events
Storage Visions 2013 Conference SV 2013
6-7 January 2013
Riviera Conference Center
Las Vegas, NV
SV 2013 explores the convergent needs of digital storage to support cloud content distribution and sharing, user generated content capture and use, and professional media and entertainment applications.
Digital media size and bandwidth requirements are exploding with the use of higher resolution and stereoscopic content. 8K content capture projects such as the 2012 Summer Olympics point to the future of content capture and distribution. The growth in the size of digital media projects and the bandwidth requirements for content capture, post-production, and delivery are increasing the use of fast storage technologies such as flash memory. At the same time the increase in the total volume of rich media content is driving demand for hard disk drives, optical discs and magnetic tapes used for near-line as well as archive media applications.

Mobile devices are driving the use of digital content and the growth of content, both commercial and personal, in the cloud. Storage systems for rich media are developing capabilities to support the growing traffic of content. Social networks as well as over-the-top (OTT) video are expanding the options and capabilities to have access to all content, anywhere, at any time. These developments enable collaborative workflows as well as multiple format experiences on a variety of viewing devices. All elements of the digital media value chain are driving the next generation of storage. With the increase in the size of projects and the demand for performance, we can truly say, "Petabytes are the new terabytes."
Special SMPTE Offer: Get a $100 Discount and free admission to CES Exhibits!

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Teradek Bond Banner

Playwrights Horizons Presents: The Flick
The World Premiere of a Play by Annie Baker, Directed by Sam Gold
15 February - 31 March 2013
Mainstage Theater
416 West 42nd Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues), New York, NY
In a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in the state. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, becoming more gripping than the lackluster, second-run movies on screen. With keen insight and a finely-tuned comic eye, The Flick is a hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world.

Flick Banner


Order 15 January - 5 March, 2013, with code FLICSMP and tickets are just 
$50 (reg. $70) for performances Feb 15-Mar 31.


By phone: (212) 279-4200 (Noon-8pm daily)

In person: Ticket Central, 416 West 42nd Street (Noon-8pm daily)  


* Tickets are subject to availability. Limit 4 tickets per order.  

HPA Tech Retreat Banner

HPA Tech Retreat® 2013
18-22 February 2013
Hyatt Regency - Indian Wells, CA

By now you've come to know that the HPA Tech Retreat is a "MUST attend" technology conference and this year's event is no exception. The conference sessions always include the favorite annual updates such as the Broadcasters Panel, what's happening in the industry  now and what the future may hold, and the "unusual" and "obscure" topics Mark Schubin incorporates into the program.
Just a few of the topics to be covered this year include visual perception, high dynamic range, high frame rate, lampless projection, cloud-based distribution and processing, mobile devices, accessibility, lightfield capture, what comes after file-based workflows, and even a look at a half century of watching remote sports BEFORE television!
In addition, there have been exciting changes and more opportunities for both attendees and participants in the Tech Retreat Demo Room.

Make plans to join the Hollywood Post Alliance at the 2013 HPA Tech Retreat®!

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Health Proponent

Live, interactive educational webcasts covering hot-topic technologies, issues and developments.
Offered Free to Current SMPTE Members! 
Jason Livingston
Jason Livingston
Closed Captioning Challenges for IP Video Delivery: One Deadline Down, More on the Way

Guest Speaker: Jason Livingston (CPC Closed Captioning)
When: 24 January 2013 at 18:00 UTC/13:00 EST/10:00 PST


On 30 September, an FCC regulation came into effect requiring TV broadcasters to implement captions for prerecorded programming that is not edited for Internet distribution. In preparation for the five additional deadlines to come online between now and March 2016, CPC Closed Captioning's Jason Livingston will remind webcast participants about the specific deadlines and he will discuss a number of challenges to implementing captions for video delivered by IP. Livingston will also discuss best practices for workflows involving CEA-608 and CEA-708 broadcast closed captions data and translation into SMPTE 2052.   



Register Button



Harold Geller
Harold Geller
Chris Lennon
Chris Lennon

BXF & Advertising Workflows

Guest Speakers: Chris Lennon, Consultant and Harold Geller, Ad-ID
When: 28 February 2013 at 18:00 UTC/13:00 EST/10:00 PST
2013 finds us at the intersection of several tools that enable advertising workflows, which many have been seeking for years. New developments in SMPTE's Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF), along with Ad-ID, AS-12, and other areas mean that we can now automate the flow of data throughout the advertising chain - from creation to airing and billing of a commercial. SMPTE PDA Now guest speakers Chris Lennon, SMPTE Engineering Director and Consultant, and Harold Geller, Ad-ID, will explore these developments, along with their impact on real efficiency gains from one end of the process to the other.

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PDA Now and Standards Webcasts On-demand Playback Videos

SMPTE captures every PDA Now webcast for on-demand playback. Our growing library of topics covers, storage, stereoscopic 3D, live streaming and much more. Members are permitted to download previously recorded PDA Now and Standards webcasts, free-of-charge.  Click here to access.


SMPTE Virtual Classroom Cisco CCNA Exploration ProgramCisco Networking Academy Logo


One of the SMPTE Professional Development Academy's most innovative educational services is its Virtual Classroom courses. Through the Virtual Classroom, we are able to bring learning opportunities to you, anywhere in the world.


SMPTE Virtual Classroom programs are "blended learning" courses where you will spend a good deal of time studying independently, while also participating in live instructor coaching sessions online to assist with more complex topics and activities. Each Virtual Classroom offering has a specific start date, specific stop date and established learning goals. Successful completion of these courses is determined by completing course activities and graded assessments.

The SMPTE Virtual Classroom is one of a global network of Cisco Networking Academies. Course materials are written and produced by Cisco; offered and delivered by SMPTE and its instructors. We are pleased to offer you the acclaimed Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exploration program. 2013 Course Schedule

Classes begin 28 January, class size is limited - Register today!



November/December Journal

The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, image processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more.   



Join the SMPTE Board of Editors


The SMPTE Journal is seeking members interested in actively participating in its on-line peer review process. Members of the Board of Editors have the opportunity to review and evaluate papers submitted for publication in their areas of expertise and interest. Board membership also provides the opportunity to suggest and discuss important issues in motion imaging to determine relevant topics for publication in the Journal. Working with the Editorial Vice President, Managing Editor, and your colleagues on the BoE in shaping and maintaining a high level of editorial quality in the Journal, you will provide a valuable service to all SMPTE members and the Motion Imaging industry in general. If you are a SMPTE member and would like to join this volunteer effort please contact Glen Pensinger, BoE Chair, at, for further information.


Standards and Products

SMPTE Technology Committees meet at Walt Disney Studios

SMPTE Technology Committee Meetings Group Photo 

The SMPTE Technology Committees met at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, from 3-7 Dec. 2012. The meeting round, which included 10 Technology Committees, 6 Working Groups, 16 Ad-Hoc Groups, and 2 Study Groups, saw the first official meeting of the new Technology Committee on Cinema Sound Systems. Approximately 80 people attended the event, which also included a 3D screening of Wreck It Ralph.
After four long days of standards meetings, the participants were still able to smile for the camera!    


Photo courtesy of Matthew Litwiller  


Standards CoverNew Engineering Documents  

(published during November 2012)


This document describes the requirements for the key, alpha or matte signal with respect to its associated fill. In the remainder of the document the term "key" is used, but the requirements are equally applicable to all three. This description is given for digital and analog signals and is valid for all image formats, including without limitation SDTV, HDTV and UHDTV.

This standard defines a unidirectional IP-based protocol for the transport of real-time video, audio, and ancillary signals. In particular this standard defines a method for the encapsulation of the payloads of a variety of existing SMPTE serial digital video standards.

This Standard defines a forward error correction technique for the carriage of High Bit Rate real-time media over IP networks.

This standard defines a bit-serial data structure and coaxial cable interface for the transport of signals with a total payload of 2.970 Gb/s or 2.970/1.001 Gb/s.


The SMPTE Digital Library features integrated search functionality, allowing users to expand their search across the entire platform. Search results reveal the number of hits and the source of the information, whether it comes from the Society's Journal,Conference Proceedings, or the Standards book content.    


The SMPTE Digital Library provides one-stop access to SMPTE resources, informing professionals about the latest technology, products, and industry research as they happen. The Library ties together the various elements of the Society's products, including the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, from 1916 to the present, the Society's conference proceedings, and the full suite of SMPTE standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines.  


Visit the SMPTE Digital Library:
Email us for a FREE TRIAL:  



SMPTE CamBook 3SMPTE CamBook® 3
Now available in the SMPTE Store

SMPTE CamBook 3 is a precision tool designed to help optimize image quality in:

* Align and set up cameras to REC 709
* Compare/match camera makes, models
* Test lenses for colorimetry and resolution
* Select the best camera for the job
* Use as an on-the-set reference
* Color correct images in post

SMPTE OneShot™ Pocket Chart SMPTE Pocket OneShot
Now available in the SMPTE Store

The DSC Labs OneShot chart is designed to capture as much camera and scene lighting information in one shot as possible so that dailies look as close to the DP's intent as possible.

Unlike most other DSC Labs charts, the OneShot is printed with a matte surface to reduce obvious reflections. Glossy charts offer improved dynamic range as blacks can be made deeper and whites brighter, but film-style production schedules don't generally allow the time necessary to shoot a glossy chart and eliminate reflections. A matte chart will still show some glare if held at an improper angle to a light, and the contrast range of the chart is not as high, but overall it is much faster to shoot accurately in a high-pressure and time-sensitive shooting environment.

Amazon SMPTE Logo
Shopping at Amazon Can Benefit SMPTE! 
When you shop Amazon, remember to connect through SMPTE first. Every time you start your Amazon shopping experience from SMPTE, you help SMPTE at no cost to you. Click here to start shopping. 

Membership Updates
Student Membership Challenge 


SMPTE is a non-profit scientific, educational or cultural institution qualified under section 501 (c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code, your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

SMPTE Speakers Bureau


A new resource for Sections has been added to under Members Only (you will have to login to use this resource). In the Speakers Bureau, you can find Speakers for your meetings, volunteer to be a speaker, or nominate someone to speak at a meeting. Just follow the directions and the links on the main page.  


We currently have just a few speakers. With your help we will continue to build the resource, adding Speakers and organizing it by topic. Please contact Roberta Gorman at if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more updates!


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SMPTE is planning for its Centennial Celebration in 2016!  We're looking for members who are interested in participating on the Centennial Planning Committee.  If you'd like to contribute your ideas, time, or knowledge, please contact us at


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