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March 2012

SMPTE Events

The Technology Summit on Cinema:
Advances in Image and Sound

Co-produced by SMPTE at the 2012 NAB Show

14-15 April 2012
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

The 2012 Technology Summit on Cinema (formerly Digital Cinema Summit) will provide an in-depth global view of the new wave of technology coming soon to your local multiplex, with an eye toward how it might later affect the broader media ecosystem. Hot topics this year will include the latest work on higher-frame-rate stereoscopic 3D: movies have been produced at 24 frames/sec for more than half a century, but now prominent filmmakers have started producing new 3D releases in 48 or 60 frames/sec. The TSC will include demonstrations of the improved image quality, and discussion of technical and business issues for deployment.

Sunday's Keynote Speaker
Chris McGurk, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Cinedigm, will deliver the keynote address on Sunday 15 April. McGurk has more than 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions at MGM Studios, Overture Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Universal Studios, Disney Studios, Pepsico and Price Waterhouse. He also has extensive board director experience at five corporations. Recently, McGurk was the founder and CEO of Overture Films from 2006 until 2010 and was also CEO of Anchor Bay Entertainment, which distributed Overture Films' product to the home entertainment industry.

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SMPTE Forum on Emerging Technologies

Produced in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union

13-15 May 2012
Geneva, Switzerland

Join executive colleagues from across the broadcast, motion picture, broadband and related media sectors for two days of interactive presentations and discussions led by technology leaders and visionaries. This executive-level symposium will provide a science-based, non-commercial opportunity to discuss the most important and innovative research taking place over the next 10-15 years, with a particular focus on technologies likely to come to market within the next three years.

Click here for a full list of speakers.

Full Conference Rate $2,500 USD
SMPTE/EBU Member Rate $2,250 USD

Please note that conference rates include admission to all conference sessions, special events, and meals, as well as two nights lodging (13-14 May) at the InterContinental Hotel (Additional hotel nights can be purchased during registration.). All conference rates are in USD.

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2012 SMPTE Regional Seminar

Title: How to Generate and Automate Content for Multi-platform, Multi-display Distribution

Today's consumers of motion imaging content have many options when it comes to service providers and display devices. They may subscribe to on-demand services via satellite or cable operators. PCs and the Internet are now very common sources for content, smartphones and tablets have matured and become almost ubiquitous. This creates many new challenges when it comes to producing and managing content. With this in mind, the 2012 SMPTE Regional Seminar is designed to provide crucial knowledge to help participants plan, produce and manage content so it can be effectively utilized with minimal regard to the distribution platform used or the display device viewed.

Schedule of 2012 Seminars
Thursday 24 May – Washington, D.C.
Thursday 27 September – Montreal, Canada
Thursday 8 November – New York, NY
Saturday 10 November –  Toronto, Canada

Other planned 2012 seminar locations:
Chicago, IL

Registration coming soon!
Members: $199
Non-members: $299

Special thanks to the following companies for their expertise to the curriculum development process:
- Amberfin
- Applied Electronics
- Harris
- Miranda
- National Film Board of Canada

Check this page for upcoming information.

Join Tektronix in our free video seminars to learn about the key measurements and test techniques for Digital TV, MPEG Test and File Based Workflows. Simply click here to register.



2012 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

22 October 2012
Preconference Symposium

23-25 October 2012
SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition
Hollywood, CA

The SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition brings together world-renowned technology thought-leaders from the media content business. Join us and network with colleagues in the motion picture studios, broadcast and cable networks, production and post-production community, software companies, systems integrators, manufacturers, display technologies and distribution providers. As an accredited industry standards-setting body, SMPTE is also the industry's leading nonprofit association providing technology education and information to the motion imaging industry. We're all about the content - creation, management, distribution and display. We offer three days of technical sessions, a high-tech exhibition hall and unparalleled networking opportunities. Join us—don't miss this exceptional opportunity!

Call for Papers Announced
A call for technical papers for the 2012 SMPTE Technical Conference & Exhibition has been issued. For more information or to submit an abstract for consideration by the SMPTE program committee please click here.


SMPTE Events Calendar

Don't forget to check the SMPTE Events Calendar for updated listings of SMPTE events, Industry events, and Section meetings. Sections are especially encouraged to add their meeting dates. To add an event, please contact Roberta Gorman at



In partnership with other groups, SMPTE is pleased to inform you of these industry events:

Innovation Zone (I-Zone) at Display Week 2012

5-6 June 2012
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, MA

Call for Proposal
At Display Week 2012, the Society for Information Display will provide a free two-day "I-Zone" forum for showcasing cutting-edge demos and prototypes that will lead to the products of tomorrow. Proposals to demonstrate new pre-product displays, input technologies, and innovations in related fields such as lighting and organic electronics are being solicited. Submissions are due by Monday, 2 April 2012, and will be judged based on the novelty, interest, and quality of the prototype to be exhibited as described in the proposal.

At Display Week 2012, the I-Zone Committee will select a winner of the "Best Prototype at Display Week" award, to be announced in Information Display magazine. To submit your proposal, please visit






Improved Standards Visibility

In our efforts to educate the community on SMPTE standards activities and encourage more participation, SMPTE has begun holding free quarterly webinars for Standards Education and will provide new SMPTE Standards Outcome Reports. Held quarterly, the webinars will target specific educational aspects of the SMPTE standards program. The first webinar discussed SMPTE TT 2052, the standard used for closed captioning for video served over the internet. All webinars are also available on-demand. The quarterly outcome report is also available from the SMPTE website and helps put into context the recent developments of SMPTE's many standards efforts.  Go to to learn more.


2012 SMPTE Virtual Classroom:
Cisco CCNA Exploration Program

In today's highly competitive job market, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Individuals with advanced knowledge of networking are in high demand and SMPTE wants to help you acquire the knowledge you need to meet that demand and future-proof your career.

The Cisco CCNA Exploration Program is comprised of four intensive Cisco's CCNA Exploration courses. Successfully completing all four courses in the CCNA Exploration Program may help an individual prepare for the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam.

Course offerings for 2012 include three CCNA1: Network Fundamentals courses (8 weeks each), three CCNA2: Routers and Routing Basics courses (9 weeks each) and one CCNA3: LAN Switching and Wireless course (10 weeks).

To register, please click here. Space is limited, so don't delay!


The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

The March issue of the Journal, themed "Cloud-Based Architecture," features papers on Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing in today's media industry. Click here to view the issue.



New Engineering Documents

The following SMPTE Engineering Documents were published during February 2012. Links to the documents in the SMPTE Store are noted below.

SMPTE ST 292-1:2012 (Revision of SMPTE ST 292-1:2011),
1.5 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface

Extract from Scope

This standard defines a bit-serial data structure and the coaxial cable interface specifications for 1.5 Gb/s [nominal] Signal/Data Serial Interface to carry either 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 or 2048 x 1080 active pixel formats mapped into the 1.5 Gb/s payload. This standard defines the method of serializing the parallel source format data to a serial bit stream. This interface may also carry packetized data mapped into the 1.5 Gb/s transport payload providing the constraints imposed by the reference source image formats are observed.  This standard specifies a coaxial cable interface suitable for application where the signal loss does not exceed an amount specified by the receiver manufacturer, typical loss amounts would be in the range of up to 20 dB at one-half the clock frequency.

SMPTE 425-0:2012, (Revision of SMPTE 425-0:2011),
SMPTE Bit-Serial Interfaces at 3 Gb/s – Roadmap for the 425 Document Suite (Free Download)

Extract from Scope

The SMPTE 425 suite of documents defines the mapping of various source image formats onto a single link, dual link and quad link serial digital interfaces operating at a nominal rate of 3 Gb/s. This informative "roadmap" describes the documents in the SMPTE 425 suite. The SMPTE 425 series documents specify a virtual interface that is carried on a physical link specified by SMPTE ST 424.

SMPTE ST 425-2:2012,
Source Image Format and Ancillary Data Mapping for Stereoscopic Image Formats on a Single-Link 3 Gb/s Serial Interface

Extract from Scope

This standard defines a means of transporting a stereoscopic image pair consisting of a Left Eye and Right Eye image (Le and Re) using an interface consisting of a single 3 Gb/s (nominal) link.  The stereoscopic image formats to be transported using this standard are those 4:2:2 10-bit image formats having a sampling frequency of 74.25 MHz or 74.25/1.001 MHz.  Audio and other associated ancillary data may also be transported. This standard also defines a payload identifier.  It is not necessary for implementations to include support for all formats defined in this standard to be compliant. Implementers should indicate supported formats in commercial publications.

SMPTE ST 2063:2012,
Stereoscopic 3D Full Resolution Contribution Link Based on MPEG-2 TS

Extract from Scope

This document specifies how a stereoscopic 3D High Definition ("HDTV") video contribution system based on the MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) performs coding, multiplexing, and decoding.  It defines constraints for the input image pair, the bitstream, the multiplexing, timing synchronization, use of a single PCR PID, and signaling, as well as for the video coding and decoder behavior.  This document is codec agnostic (i.e., any codec for which there are defined methods for transport via MPEG-2 TS is permitted). The input image pair needs to have the same image structure (horizontal and vertical pixel count, scanning system, colorimetry, and frame rate) and be coincident in time.





3D Cinema and Television Technology: The First 100 Years

This compendium contains more than 50 papers published in the SMPTE Journal during the past century from 1919 to 2010. These historic SMPTE papers provide a foundation for understanding the current innovations in 3D stereoscopic areas, including acquisition, content creation, exhibition, distribution, and display technology. Edited by Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé, and Bill Hogan, with chapter introductions by Ray Zone, the papers in this book contain a wealth of information on the transformation of 3D from its early days of experimentation to current applications in media and entertainment. This book serves as an important reference tool in any technical library.

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