The SMPTE Technology Committee on Television and Broadband (24TB) Drafting Group on Open Binding of IDs has released its Request For Proposals (RFP), seeking responses from organizations wishing to submit its technology for consideration for standardization within SMPTE.

This RFP seeks an open method of binding Ad-IDs to commercials and Entertainment Identifier Registies (EIDRs) to programming content. 

The RFP is accompanied by a Draft Test Plan, providing respondents with an idea of how their submissions will be evaluated with respect to the requirements spelled out in the RFP. 

Interested parties are encouraged to review the RFP, with careful attention to Section 3, which outlines important dates to be adhered to in the process.

Notification to the Drafting Group of intent to respond is due 17 April 2015, with the RFP closing on 4 May 2015.  The Drafting Group will conduct an open question and answer session for respondents on 20 April 2015.

The RFP may be accessed here. The accompanying Draft Test Plan is posted here. You may contact the Drafting Group, via email, at