Philip Corriveau, Co Chair of 3D@Home Consortium’s Human Factors Steering Team will share some of the important issues being investigated.

Topics covered will include an overview from the many universities, institutions and organizations to gain insight to the many issues surrounding the 3D experience today.

With much debate about 3D in the news today, industry Consortiums are placing a lot of emphasis on research which will contribute to the industry standards efforts. From understanding how to make improvements in the 3D eco-system to the effects of the human visual system, this session will describe some of the efforts being put forward by 3D@Home Consortium member companies to bring an ever growing amount of data forward and produce useful information which will help in the progression of the 3D entertainment experience.

ADDED ATTRACTION: Disney's "DAY AND NIGHT" - in 3D - Current Academy Award nominee for best animated short subject.

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