Re-creating Moments In History For The Big Screen Experience Then, And Now

Can Some Of The Classic Movies Like Hollywood Made, Be Technically Made Again?

Excerpts from classic World War II movies of the past, showing some of their cinematic breadth, style and visual effects, compared through a case study technology panel discussion of a low budget screen test using today’s available wide dynamic range imaging products, and OpenEXR in the digital intermediate process.

Panel discussion includes a case study of a World War II mini-movie DCP test

  • The Art and Discipline in Translating Moments of History to The Screen
  • Standardized Technology Driven Visual Effects That Don’t Break A Small Budget
  • 4K Camera Lenses used for a 2K DCI Projected Raster
  • Digital Negative Dynamic Range Potential
  • Half-Float OpenEXR Color Correction and DI Compositing
  • Considerations for “ACES” versus “non-ACES” workflows

Scheduled Panelists

  • Chris Bone, Writer/Director, Co-Cinematographer, and Visual Effects Supervisor for “Knight’s Move”, based on historical events of Allied Convoy PQ17 in World War II
  • Ron Ayers, Line Producer
  • Additional Panelists to include Representatives from Sony, FujiFilm, Roush Media, and the Production Team