Hollywood Section Meeting
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Linwood Dunn Theater

New technology in reference displays


  • Ron Williams, moderator
  • Bob Frye or Dave Schnuelle - Dolby Laboratories
  • Gary Mandle - Sony
  • Joe Kane - Joe Kane Productions


Hot off the NAB show show we will hear from noted industry experts on the latest developments in new technology for reference displays.

Dolby will explain all about their new reference display, including the dynamic LED backlight control being used.

Gary Mandle will tell us all about the various 3D monitors available now, tell us some of the pros & cons and share what Sony has been doing recently in this area.

Joe Kane will explain how to qualify a display for post production using examples from hisĀ  "Video Essentials" Blu-ray disk, and the Samsung SPA-900 projector

Ron Williams will attempt to keep everyone honest!