The meeting will be held at the Linwood Dunn theater, 1313 N. Vine St.Hollywood.
Social hour 6:30pm, meeting start at 7:30pm


White Gamut... it's not just for Polar Bears!

Come and learn why you should care about the way in which "white" is displayed in the new Digital Cinema projectors.

We will attempt to provide answers to your burning questions; What is White? What is Calibration White? What is Virtual White? What is Mastering White? How do I know what "white" is going to show up on the screen at the local theatre? Can I pick my own white point?

Does this really matter?

We will present a summary of the findings of the SMPTE White Gamut Study Group.  The result is a set of recommended revisions to the DC28 Reference Projector document RP 431-2.  Our presentation will explain the details of how colors will be displayed by a DC28 Reference Projector, and how our recommended revisions will improve the match between mastering and exhibition.  We will have a Digital Cinema demonstration that clearly shows the potential clipping that can occur without our proposal. Also we will show the Pixar short 'Presto' using the new projector settings.
In addition Dan Sherlock of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Science and Technology Council will demonstrate and explain the new SMPTE Digital Leader. This not only provides the critical verification of sync between sound and picture, but also provides a wealth of features to verify proper image presentation.

This overview will show how the new digital leader helps with setting screen masking, verifying projector color space and white point settings, evaluating the quality of projector rescaling and filtering and checking the stereoscopic phase.