On Tuesday May 18th we are having our section meeting at the Linwood Dunn Theater - 1313 N. Vine St. Hollywood.

Free parking in the lot at the rear of the building.
Pre-show social hour 6:30pm, Presentation begins at 7:30pm

The Program topic will be "New Efficiencies for Contribution Level Encoding"

Utilizing new encoding and advanced IP/fiber delivery, along with improved latency, learn about the practical advantages for delivering HDTV/DTV content within a distribution system using 10-bit coding and 4:2:2 quantization as a practical level of content quality for backup, storage, and further repurposing prior to full distribution.

The evening's presenters include a speaker from ATEME, who will highlight some of the major new improvements to picture quality from initial encoding through multi-generation encoding and decoding cycles.  For example, the impact to live broadcasters is to create an improved 10-bit 4:2:2 quantized higher quality archive copy of the live content "on the fly", which can then be set aside and repurposed later with improved utility, or, to improve their immediate delivery of that content live to a digital theater such as for an improved "pay for view" concert or sports event.

In addition Telestream will also be presenting.

Studios can also benefit by being able to encode and forward high enough quality working masters within their networks for the purposes of additional work, or contributing additional elements to that content at a later time, such as for captioning, subtitles, and additional language tracks.  They can also create derivative copies from the high quality encoded master internationally.

Paul Chapman
Hollywood Section Chair

This evening's presentation panel includes:

David Ramirez, Manager of Applications & Systems Engineering at ATEME for the Americas region.
He oversees the development of solutions and system architectures from contribution to IPTV. He has previously held senior engineering positions at TANDBERG Television and FOX Cable Networks. He holds a BSEE from the University of Arizona.

In summary, David's presentation will cover the advantages of using 10bit compression for contribution applications. We highlight the major technology points and the industry shift towards this standard.

  • Improves coding efficiency by an average of 5% to 20%.
  • Preserves 10-bit native video quality from professional cameras all the way down to distribution edge
  • Preserves video quality and integrity during encode-decode multi-generations
  • Reducing coding artifacts in video sequences with large low textured areas

Chuck Buelow
Western Regional Sales Manager
Telestream, Inc.

Title: Simplifying Production to Post Production of mutli-camera live events

Sub-title: “Simplifying your multi-camera production/post production workflows with next-gen encoder products”

Synopsis: New technologies and products are closing the gap between production and post production of live multi-camera events. Using these new technologies one can now capture multiple camera feeds and edit in using multi-clip mode concurrently. Eliminating the production/post gap creates an efficient workflow while at the same time cuts cost and equipment needed to support on-site live events.