Linwood Dunn Theater - 1313 N. Vine St.
Free parking in the lot at the rear of the building.
Pre-show reception 6:30pm, Presentation begins at 7:30pm

Thanks to the great work of the recent ASC/PGA Camera Assessment Series of testing, there is a new benchmark for digital production knowledge, as well as new questions that are being asked, for how best to continue moving forward in production and post production using digital tools and materials. 

Following the completion of phase one of the CAS testing a number of additional questions have arisen regarding how best to get the highest quality images from each different camera and post production process and what are the next steps in the technology and workflows, specifically in relation to log vs linear file acquisition.

LOG JAM – To help navigate the “Log Jam” where some camera files may get held up, tonight’s discussion brings together some of the great minds that were part of the process of the CAS and the discussion centers around what has been done since phase one to achieve better quality and workflow and the dynamics of what phase two could consist of in the future.  Additional screening and comparison of material will be shown and discussed as well as potential new workflows being discussed to make it faster, easier and better for the future.

Scheduled panel guests: 

Curtis Clark, ASC / David Stump, ASC, / Gary Demos, ASC / Glenn Kennel, Arri / Patel Dhanendra, Sony / Paul Chapman, Foto-Kem / Doug Jaqua, Laser Pacific /Michael Bergeron, Panasonic
John Galt, Panavision
Marc Chiolis, Moderatorsetstats