An Update on Media Piracy and how we are responding…from Disney and NBC-Universal

The Academy’s Linwood P. Dunn Theater, 1313 N. Vine, Hollywood (free parking behind the building)
6:30 p.m. Refreshments
7:30 p.m. Meeting

What’s the difference between forensic marking, watermarking and fingerprinting?  How do they relate to content protection, copy control and digital right management?  Learn the latest copyright theft threats and studio responses as Disney and NBC Universal present "An Update on Media Piracy".  Included will be a focus on content management technologies such as fingerprinting and watermarking, as well as real-world examples ("war stories") of antipiracy efforts in film, broadcasting and the Internet.

Presenting will be Richard Atkinson, Vice President, Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations, The Walt Disney Company, and the following from NBC Universal:  Michelle Huynh, director of content security operations; Mike Wilkinson, director of content security technology; Anthony Anderson, forensic analyst.

Richard Atkinson

As Vice President of Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations, Richard helps lead Disney’s worldwide effort against piracy of Films and Television.  With a specific emphasis on the business, the goals are to reduce piracy’s impact through a host of “defensive” measures, while also helping the business better “compete with piracy” in offensive ways too.  This includes close work with other elements of Disney, the MPA/A, other Studios, and other owners of Intellectual Property.  Ultimately, it is a role that serves as a catalyst and coordination point on the Piracy topic for the business and various contributors to the anti-piracy effort.

Michelle Huynh

Michelle Huynh is director of content security operations at NBC Universal.  She manages the antipiracy operations team, which supports all NBC Universal business units worldwide in the campaign against all forms of Internet piracy.  She also manages the peer-to-peer research project at GE Research Center, studying peer-to-peer piracy and the effectiveness of ISP notices.  Most recently, she worked with NBC Sports and the International Olympic Committee on worldwide Internet enforcement for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mike Wilkinson

Mike Wilkinson is director of content security technology with NBC Universal.  He is a member of the NBCU Content Security Committee and the MPAA’s Site Security Liaisons’ Committee.  With NBCU’s antipiracy team for over four years, Mike was previously with Technicolor/Vidfilm for over eight years in various engineering roles.

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is a forensic analyst for NBC Universal.  For the past four years he has worked in the antipiracy department, focusing on forensics, fingerprinting and watermarking initiatives.  Anthony is currently concentrating on content security technology innovations, along with NBC Universal’s antipiracy efforts for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

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