LOCATION:___Autry Museum of Western Heritage – Los Angeles
ATTENDANCE: Approx 125

Following up on our successful evening from May, 2001 "…and Also Selected Short Subjects", we presented another film program, arranged by Section Secretary/Treasurer Richard May, entitled "…and Also Selected Short Subjects 2"

This consisted of eight live action and animated shorts which won the Academy Award, ranging from 1935s "How to Sleep" up to last year’s animated winner from Pixar "For the Birds".

Also included were "That Mothers Might Live (1938)", "Quicker ‘n a Wink (1940)", "Of Pups and Puzzles (1941)", "The House I Live In (1946)", "Tweety Pie (1947)" and "Cat Concerto (1946)"

Not an award winner, but of interest because of photographic history, was the 1934 Warner Bros. two-reeler "Service with a Smile". This was one of the first live-action subjects photographed in the then very new 3-strip Technicolor process. A print that had just been completed the previous day, made from the original camera negatives by CFI Lab, was seen.

The entire program was shown with 35mm film.