Hollywood Section, February meeting.

The Hollywood Section held it’s February meeting entitled “The Latest in Film Scanning Technology and Applications”. We were fortunate to have with us, representatives from Thompson/Grass Valley, Cintel, Filmlight and Arri.

These companies presented their solutions which provide new approaches to a digital revolution which has greatly changed the way we perform our day to day services in  motion pictures and television. Gone are the days of Telecine, we now have Datacine, and  scanner.

One technology has sustained our business through generations of video technology, and that is the technology of film. Over 100 years of history and art have been captured on this medium, and it continues to be used today. The tools we use to extract the images captured on film, must now perform to a greater degree than ever before. Largely this is due to electronic methods of post production and distribution which carry a far greater level of detail and resolution, not only in commercial theaters but directly to the home as well. These digital representations of the film image have also enabled new businesses in restoring the older, worn out film so that movies can continue to entertain us, and that the art of yesterday will never go away. 

The evening's presentations demonstrated a wide variety of technologies and even wider variety of business models that a facility can chose from in order to fit best into their own business model. Everything from bit depth, grain treatment, storage and the speed of the film scanning throughput was discussed. Following the evenings presentation, a 20 minute Q&A session was held.

I want to thank the presenters for a very enlightening program.

They are, Mike Wright, Sandi Lozano and Craig Nichols from Thompson/Grass Valley,  Adam Welsh from Cintel, Craig Risbury from Filmlight and Richard Antley from Arri. The evenings event was sponsored by THX, which provided gift bags and snacks, and also gave away a THX Jacket as a door prize.

Rick Dean - Managersetstats