MEETING DATE(S):___June 18, 2002
LOCATION:__Los Angeles County Museum of Art


David Strohmeier – Director/Writer of CINERAMA ADVENTURE
Randy Gitsch - Producer

The Hollywood Section held one of its most successful meetings on June 18, with the showing of the unfinished "Director’s Cut" of the upcoming documentary CINERAMA ADVENTURE.

The meeting was held in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Bing Theater, which was fortunate since our usual meeting venue would not have been able to hold the audience of over 300 people.

After Section Chair Alan Masson’s introduction, there was a brief overview given by Randy Gitsch, producer of the documentary.

This was followed by a screening of the 100 minute show (using DigiBeta projection), covering the history of the now legendary Cinerama filming and projection process. It was amazing how effective the clips, originally in a screen ratio of about 3 to 1, came across when modified for a 1:33 to 1 screen. Many interviews with people who were involved in the production and marketing of the Cinerama films during the 1952-1962 period were included, along with newsreel footage of premieres in various cities.

Following the screening, a question and answer session was held with writer/director/editor David Strohmeier.

The Cinerama Dome Theater in Los Angeles, during its recent remodeling, has installed the 3-projector equipment, and is expected to run some of the original productions beginning this fall.

Richard P. May _Section Officer Title: __Secretary/Treasurer

Company Affiliation & Contact Tel. No.:_Warner Bros. 818 977-2323

Niagara Falls sequence from "This is Cinerama" during a screening at the
Cinerama Dome Theater - Los Angeles