MEETING DATE: June 19th, 2001 ATTENDANCE: 150
LOCATION: Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles


James M. DeFilippis (Fox Television)                   
Jerry Ledbetter (Concadia Solutions)                   
Dr. Juergen Heitmann (AV Media Technology) 


  • SMPTE W25 Committee on Metadata and Wrapper Technology
  • Practical application of Digital Asset Management
  • European perspective on Digital Asset Management.

After an informal dinner at the Crocodile Café in Glendale, a Digital Asset Management Briefing was introduced by Gavin Schutz of Liberty Livewire Media (and SMPTE Executive VP) to an audience of 150 at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Jim DeFilippis, Manager of Fox Television DTV Laboratory described the work of the SMPTE W25 Committee on Metadata and Wrapper Technology, pointing out that a structure of layered standards had been developed for this application. Jerry Ledbetter of Concadia Solutions defined the term Asset Management and described the development of a business plan taking into account projected reductions in the cost of digital storage and the current high cost of networking. Dr. Juergen Heitmann (Consultant, AV Media Technology, and SMPTE Governor at Large) gave a European perspective, describing the EBU project on Future Television Archives. He indicated that Enterprise Content Management systems, such as Digital Asset Management are similar to Enterprise Resource Planning systems that have been in use in business for 20 years. Dr. Heitmann also discussed the need for a Constant Migration policy for the storage carriers used to preserve the media assets.

Section meeting on June 19th, 2001

Alan Masson
Section Officer Title: Chairman
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PHOTOGRAPH: L – R Dr Juergen Heitmann, Jerry Ledbetter and Jim DeFilippis, speakers on Digital Asset Management at the SMPTE Hollywood