MEETING DATE(S): March 19, 2002
ATTENDANCE: Approximately 50 to 75 people

Content Distribution via the Internet:Legal and Illegal Methods

Gary Millin, President, MediaForce

The March meeting of the Hollywood Section was held on March 19, 2002 at the Autry Museum auditorium.

Gary Millin conducted a PowerPoint presentation that first explained typical content distribution scenarios via the Internet. He then walked the audience through the various areas of the web where content is typically illegally shared or pirated, namely, via IRC (Internet Relay Chat rooms), P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks, FTP sites, etc. He gave specific information regarding KaZaA, Morpheus, Gnutella, Fast Track, and some of the other prominent networks/applications. He provided wonderful data relating to the estimated cost of piracy to artists, producers, and distributors. He also provided information as to ways that piracy can and should be reduced. His company, MediaForce, provides several services and technology that he described but he was very sensitive NOT to turn the discussion into a sales pitch.

The presentation lasted approximately 45 minutes. What was truly surprising was that questions continued for one hour thereafter! In fact, had we not finally limited the questions, I suspect that we'd have continued for at least another half hour. The audience was fairly mixed and the questions were extremely well thought out and provoked additional discussion.

Personally, I think the topic will continue to grow in interest as broadband services to the home expand and industry people recognize the significance of the issue...i.e. the music industry's wake-up call by Napster. If interested, I think it might be a topic worth revisiting at a later date and expanding to a panel discussion.


Name: Darcy Antonellis
Section Officer Title: SMPTE Manager, Hollywood Section
Company Affiliation & Contact Tel. No.: Warner Bros. – 818-977-4016