Returning to the Linwood Dunn Theater after using other venues for the last two months due to Academy Award screenings, we had an enthusiastic audience of ninety members and guests.  Our speaker was Charles Tabesh, Senior vice-president, Programming,  of Turner Classic Movies, visiting from Atlanta.

Following the pre-show reception, featuring pizza courtesy of THX Best Practices Lab, Mr. Tabesh was interviewed by Dick May, Hollywood Section manager.  Topics covered the volume of movies shown (about 2000 per year), programming themes, and suppliers of  the pictures.  Video clips of samples of some of TCM’s special in-house produced documentaries were shown.  Also covered were the Young Film Composers contest and personality interviews.

Questions were invited from the audience, with considerable participation.  A lot of new faces were noticed, showing that this subject has a different interest than the more technical presentations.  The entire program lasted about 90 minutes.