Steven Rich, Vice President, Media.net Digital Collaboration
John Marshall, Chairman, CTO , JCI Corporation Digital Colloboration

The March meeting - "Collaborative Digital Connectivity Tools and Services" hosted by Sony Studios on Stage 11, home of "Wheel of Fortune," spoke to the fortunes of two up and coming providers of high speed fiber networks targeted at the production and post production industry - Media.net and JCI Corporation. The event, attended by over 160 members of the Hollywood SMPTE section, demonstrated applications of high quality MPEG digital dailies to the desktop, digital file transfer to workstations and edit systems, as well as collaborative editing and teleconferencing.

Steven Rich, Vice President of Media.net along with Billy Redner, co-producer of "Family Law" presented the case for digitized Avid files sent over a high speed fiber network connection by highlighting the dramatic time savings and enhanced quality derived over the methods that had been used in the past. In addition, Mr. Rich demonstrated an application that delivered DVD quality digital dailies to producer's desktops, highlighting how annotations and notes can be attached to content as it is viewed as well as how the content itself can be sorted in scene and take order.

John Marshall, Chairman and CTO of JCI Corporation, in an impressive live network demonstration, called on participants over his network based in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, simulating how creative collaboration could take place over a digital network. The demonstration featured independent teleconferencing connectivity from the three cities, as well as a simultaneous separate feed of very high quality material being fed live from a Discreet Logic Flame from the facility Mr. X in Toronto.

The interested audience engaged in discussions and a question and answer session following the presentations and elaborated on issues such as network security, audio capabilities, additional application and continued until it was announced that the stage needed to be closed. Clearly this was a topic of great interest to the Hollywood section and one that certainly will have wider application throughout the technical community as large scale, robust, high-speed networks continue to be built specifically for the production and broadcast industries.


Name: Leon Silverman
Section Officer Title: Manager, Hollywood Section Education Chair
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