MEETING DATE(S): Nov. 16, 2004

SPEAKERS:  (include company affiliation)

Daniel Rosen – Warner Bros. – Section chair
Richard Moore – former Panavision executive – Cinematographer
Stephan Ukas-Bradley - Arri
David Stump  Cinematographer


  • Camera history
  • Current film cameras
  • Future digital cameras

The November 16th meeting of the Hollywood Section was again held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood .  About 35 members and guests came for the presentation “The motion picture camera: It’s past, present, and future”

Lobby exhibits were provided by Steve Gainer of the ASC and Ralph Sargent of Film Technology Co., with the loan of several historical cameras, and by Arri with new equipment.  Pre-show snacks were hosted by Film Technology Co.

The meeting began with an introduction and announcements by section chair Dan Rosen. His comments were followed by the 1952 MGM cartoon “Drag-along Droopy". Mr. Rosen again took the podium and with illustrations on screen described the history of motion picture cameras from their invention through the major studio period.  His talk was followed by a scene of Jeanette MacDonald singing from a new print of the 1934 version of “The Merry Widow”.  This print was made from the original negative, and demonstrated the quality of studio photography after the introduction of sound.

The next speaker was Richard Moore, who was one of the founders of Panavision.  He described the development of modern cameras and lenses, as well as the practice of studios renting cameras instead of having their own departments.  Mr. Moore was followed by Stefan Ukas-Bradley of Arri.  He showed illustrations of modern cameras and their various configurations of magazines, remote control, etc.

The last speaker was cinematographer David Stump, who discussed future equipment, and the use of digital cameras in feature image capture.

The session was closed with showing of the 1951 short subject “The Cinematographer”, illustrating the responsibilities of these experts in the studio environment.


Name: Richard P. May
Section Officer Title:   Past Chair
Company Affiliation & Contact Tel. No.: Warner Bros.  818 977-2323