TOPIC: New Television Production and Post-production Techniques

The technical issues associated with electronic, high definition and 24 frame-based production of network television were addressed in the well-attended November meeting of the Hollywood Section.  Jim DiFillipis of 20th Century Fox led the program with an overview of the challenges of utilizing digital tools to address the needs of the Hollywood community.

Stressing the requirement for electronic tools to meet creative expectations of the film-based television industry, he outlined a number of the efforts that he and his colleagues have undertaken in search of digital production methods and tools.  He discussed various approaches that Fox has taken and their recent work with Phillips, JVC, Panasonic and others in the creation of systems and workflows consistent with efficient and cost effective program creation.

The notion that the temporal resolution of 24 frames was a significant contributor to the co-called "film look," was one that both he and the other presenter of the evening, Phil Squyres of Columbia Tristar Television, stressed.  Phil Squyres amplified the issues and challenges of high definition 24P production, especially with regard to double system audio and post production processes.  He presented the evolution of his thoughts on methodology for slateless double system high definition production.  In describing his approach, he discussed how he brought these concepts to Evertz who will be making hardware to assist in the process of real time syncing of video and audio for post production of high definition programs.  This process would utilize data base information which would track production data that is input into a DEVA digital audio hard drive.  This data would be available to the on-set script supervisor (scene and take information) as well as form the basis for a "flex file" for editing.  There was significant audience interest in this topic as the opportunities and challenges associated with digital and high definition program creation has generated much debate within the Hollywood production community.

Both speakers fielded numerous questions from the audience with regard to their experiences and views.  From the attendance, interest and questions generated during this evening, itis apparent that this topic will continue to be one of interest to the Hollywood section, and to SMPTE members world-wide as more program creation transitions to high definition and digital progress.

Leon Silverman      Section Manager, Chairman-Education Committee
Company Affiliation: Laser Pacific Media Corporation     323 462-6266