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Volunteers Needed for the 2012 SMPTE
Technical Conference & Expo
The 2012 SMPTE Technical Conference & Expo (October 23-25 at Loew Hollywood
Hotel), and Pre-Conference Symposium (Oct. 22) are extremely important events for
SMPTE Members and Non-members alike. Nowhere else in the world can you find
such a broad range of motion imaging topics covered by so many of the industry’s most
revered experts!
An event of this scope requires “many hands” to produce effectively. Please consider
donating a half day of your of your time. Not only will you be part of SMPTE’s flagship
conference, but you will also help to make the event a great one for your friends and
In exchange for your time, SMPTE will provide each volunteer free access to the
conference on the day the volunteer works. For example, if you work four hours in the
morning, you may attend the PM sessions at no charge. Additionally, if you volunteer for
a Full Day, you would be able to choose to attend a second conference day of your
For a schedule of events: Visit our website at https://www.smpte.org/atc2012
Here’s what we need:
· Video Camera Operators
· Speaker Coordinators (Speaker Ready Room)
· Individuals to run very simple Windows program
· Three individuals to provide AV technical oversight during sessions
· Individuals to answer member questions
· Individuals to chek in pre-registered attendees at the registration counter
· Individuals to collect tickets at various conference events
To volunteer or for more information:
email Henry Gu at: hgu@earthlink.net
Or call: Dick Millais at: 818 568 1200 x 1193