Managers Roster

Managers Roster 2012-2013

Chair, NY Section
Raymond Blumenthal (to 6/30/13)
The Tiffen Company

Chair, Connecticut Subsection

Brian F. Kobylarz
Tele-Cine Productions


Herb Ohlandt (to 6/30/13)
Rock Consulting

Past Chair

William C. Miller,
Miltag Media Technology, LLC


New York Region Governors
Ted Szypulski (to 12/31/13), ESPN
John Ferder (to 12/31/12), CBS

NY Section Managers

Nick Di Lello (to 6/30/13)
Sony Electronics

Publicity Chair, Webmaster,
Test Materials Advisor

Tim Dwight (to 6/30/14)
Company 3


Editing Program Chair
Bruce Follmer (to 6/30/14)
ABC News
Jena Rappolt-Noyes, member

Mark Forman (to 6/30/14)
Mark Forman Productions Corp.


Neal Pilzer (to 6/30/13)
Motion Picture Enterprises, Inc.

Television Program Chair

Mike Strein (to 6/30/13), ABC


Arrangements Committee Chair
Ed Schuller

Charles R. Diehl,
Evertz Microsystems, Ltd.
Neal Pilzer, MPE

Membership Chair

David Dever, Dever Consulting
Alan Rosenfeld, AbelCine

Publicity Committee Member
Douglas I. Sheer,
DIS Consulting Corp

Motion Picture Program Chair

David W. Leitner,

Richard Carlson,
Technical Motion Imaging Professional

Television Committee Members
Warren Singer,
Video Technology Resources

John Ferder, CBS
Ted Szypulski, ESPN

Audio ChairKen Hunold,
Dolby Laboratories

Education Chapter Liaison Chair
Ryoya Terao,
New York City College of Technology

Robin Schanzenbach,
New York University

William C. Miller,
Miltag Media Technology, LLC