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Posted 1/7/16:
HBO Broadcast Maintenance Technician
United States - New York - Hauppauge
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The Technician will provide hardware and software maintenance of systems utilized in the content production / post-production and distribution of content for all HBO services. The Technician will also be involved in the configuration, testing and evaluation of demo equipment in support of future technologies and methods of content delivery.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Repair/replace/configure and upgrade of video & audio components utilized for signal routing, remote control, Nielsen encoding, closed caption encoding, Dolby E/AC3 processing, downstream keys, network monitoring, uplink/downlinks and other functions for Distribution and Production Department environments. Maintenance of hardware and software for Harmonic servers, Harris Automation and Evertz Vistalink, throughout the content creation and distribution paths.

Must have 5+ years of Broadcast Engineering experience with at least 2 years involved directly with Satellite or Microwave Transmission. Relevant FCC, SBE, SCTE certifications a plus!
An understanding of networking and ability to read wiring drawings and diagrams required.
Ability to acquire knowledge of systems and components therein to better troubleshoot and repair any technical problems with them.
Knowledge of Windows configuration and troubleshooting required. Linux and Networking experience a plus.
Familiar encryption and multiplexing equipment for satellite transmission. 
Comfortable with current IP based technology and interested in migrating to the next generation of media processing and distribution.
This position also requires flexible shift work as this department supports a 24 hour x 365 facility and the working hours may be adjusted accordingly. Additional support may be required during inclement weather or operational events.
Position requires average physical strength and ability to do labor such as the following: carrying and/or lifting of equipment up to 50 pounds and replacing or install equipment in racks that requires the ability to work on a ladder.


Posted 7/24/15
Studio Broadcast Maintenance Engineer in New York, NY
Job Title: Permalance Studio Maintenance Engineer – Studio Broadcast Center
The Broadcast Operations and Engineering division of the ABC Television network provides engineering technical support to our clients. Studio maintenance engineering supports and maintains the studio technical facility. This position is a NABET permalance position in a 24/7 facility.
The Studio Maintenance Engineer will be responsible for the following:
•    Ensure that the studio control room facility and studio floor are operating at peak efficiency at all times, and that all redundant systems are operational
•    Must have the ability to monitor and repair switchers, routers, monitors, waveform monitors, cameras, disk-based broadcast equipment, computer operated broadcast equipment and other electronic equipment.
•    Perform routine diagnostics and backup operating systems and software in broadcast equipment.
•    Report equipment problems, ensure that repairs are made, and make emergency repairs to equipment when necessary and possible.
•    Must have the ability to setup a broadcast studio facility
•    Setup and Repair studio cameras. Understand the Operation of all studio equipment and be ready to step in and assist studio operations staff as required.
•    Notify, Engineering maintenance staff, of any maintenance problems that may affect the operation of the technical plant
•    Install new equipment, run and terminate cables, and document the installation of equipment
•    Must be able to answer questions by staff about the correct operation of all broadcast equipment located within the technical plant
•    Must have the ability to learn and adapt to new technology
•    Ability to think forward, working outside of the standardized broadcast model finding and creating cost effective solutions to challenges as they arise
•    Must be a team player and have the ability to work independently
•    The ability to work under pressure with deadlines
•    Working familiarity with equipment from the following vendors: Ikegami, Sony, Ross, Evertz, Harris, Tektronics, Abekas, Protools, RTS, Calrec, Studer, SMS; Barco, EVS
•    Technical school or Bachelors degree in Electronics or Technology field or equivalent experience
•    FCC license or SBE Certification desired
•    5+ years of studio broadcast television electronic repair experience
•    Ability to troubleshoot electronic problems to component level
•    Knowledge of computer information systems
•    Ability to work flexible hours 24/7
•    Equal Opportunity Employer
Primary Location-City: New York
Primary Location-State NY

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Posted 7/15/15
The Video Call Center, LLC, Palisades, NY
Job Description: Broadcast & IP systems technician


•    Front line support of video production systems including broadcast production switchers, audio consoles, computer networks, PCs, communication systems and proprietary automation systems.
•    Diagnosing root cause using device logs and test equipment.
•    Provide support as required for live show productions.
•    Equipment ordering, tracking, inventory.
•    Installation, wiring and testing new systems.
•    Some broadcast systems engineering design.
•    Remote systems installations.  Light travel required (2-3 days/month).

•    3 years experience in maintaining broadcast systems & computer networks.  Strong experience in A/V systems may be considered.
•    College degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Administration or equivalent work experience.
•    Strong deductive skills.
•    Strong interpersonal & teamwork skills
•    Capable of working a flexible schedule.
•    Must have personal transportation.

•    Familiarity with troubleshooting windows & mac based systems.
•    Experience using AutoCAD or equivalent

About the Video Call Center, LLC
The Video Call Center is a powerful new genre of live television, starting  with a logical evolution of caller-based talk radio into the IP video age where viewers can see what callers look like, what they show, and what they do.  Multiple callers connect individually via IP video services, are screened by producers and sent to the show host for final switching to air using assistive automation. Uniquely for TV, the host controls the live air. There is no control room.    

The company has received significant investment and is seeking additional employees to help us grow.   
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Posted 7/15/15
ABC: Broadcast Maintenance Engineer in New York, NY

Job Title: Permalance Media Support Technician - Graphics
Job Description-Internal

The Broadcast Operations and Engineering division engineers and provides technical support for the ABC Television Network. The Network Graphics Support department maintains all graphics technical facilities for the ABC Television Network.
The technician will be responsible for the support of the Graphics technical facility in New York. This person will offer daily technical support of equipment and production groups working in the graphics facility. He/She will interface with various Support areas, Engineering and other ABC business partners. Candidates must possess a thorough understanding of a broadcast environment and effectively apply his/her knowledge – production workflows, signal routing, SD and HD digital video and audio systems, IT systems and basic networking and fiber infrastructure.  The position is a NABET permalance position in a 24/7 facility with benefits available.

• Provide daily support of digital graphics and editing equipment primarily servicing ABCNews and ESPN clients.
• Maintain Graphics equipment documentation.

Basic Qualifications
• Minimum 3 years technical support experience in broadcast facility.
• Ability to maintain a variety of broadcast equipment such as Chyron, Viz, Adobe CC, Autodesk and Avid products.
• Excellent knowledge of signal processing, transport and transmission equipment.
• Excellent knowledge of digital audio and video standards and equipment.
• Experience working with graphics workstations, servers and network storage.
• Excellent troubleshooting skills in both baseband and file based workflows.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to learn and adapt to new technology.
• Work well independently as well as in a team environment.
• Effectively communicate with users, support personnel, management and vendors.

Preferred Qualifications
• Minimum 5+ years technical support experience in broadcast facility.
• Extensive experience with signal processing, transport and transmission equipment.
• Work well under pressure with tight timeframes and deadlines.
• Experience in professional news and broadcast environments.
• Experience with Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux O/S.
• Ability to work flexible hours in a 24/7 facility.

Preferred Education
• Bachelors degree in Engineering, Computer or Electronics Technology or equivalent experience
• Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR)
• SBE Broadcast Certification

Required Education
Technical School or Bachelors degree in Electronics or Technology field or equivalent experience.

Additional Information
Equal Opportunity Employer.

Primary Location-City: New York
Primary Location-State NY

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