Past NY Section Meetings (OLD VERSION)

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6/3/2015: "HDR- More Challenges for Post Production”
December 2014 Holiday Party

October 2013 Section Meeting
"Cloud Applications in Production and Post Production Contribution"

April 2013 NY Section Meeting
"Cinema Lenses and the Technology for a New Breed of Digital Cinema Cameras"

January 2013 NY Section Meeting
“Latest Developments in Super35, 4K Cameras and Recording”

December 2012 NY Section annual Holiday Party

October 2012 NY Section Meeting
"The Advance of 4K Pro Monitors, a View Towards What’s In Store"

September 2012 NY Sectiion Meeting
“HFR - High Frame Rate Acquisition featuring Douglas Trumbull”

June 2012 NY Section Meeting
"Nonlinear Editing 2012: Going 64-bit is more than a 2-bit operation!"

May 2012 NY Section Meeting
"16th Annual NAB Wrap-Up" -- NYC

April 2012 CT Subsection Meeting

March 2012 NY Section Meeting
March 2012 CT Subsection Meeting
February 2012 NY Section Meeting
January 2012 NY Section Meeting
December 2011 NY Section Meeting