SMPTE Nordic Section - Community Survey 2019

Following the successful SMPTE Nordic Section reboot in Stockholm in December, we have asked the community for their throughs on some questions that will help us plan our activities and direction.  Please see the results below

Total responses: 18


1: Are you currently an SMPTE member?


2: Did you attend the Nordic Section meeting in Stockholm on December 6th, 2018?


3: What topics are important to you that the section discusses / presents at future meetings?


4: How often would you like to see the section meet?


5: In which locations would you like to see the meetings held?


  • No strong preference
  • Malmö


6: We are considering hosting the next section meeting on March 8th in Media City Bergen, immediately after the SVG Nordic Summit in the same location. Are you interested in attending?


7: Are you interested joining the section as a board manager to help coordinate events, topics, etc.?


8: Any other comments, suggestions or feedback?

  • Have been member of SMPTE since 1984. Used to be more active in the old days, and have been board member of the Nordic section.
  • Happy to support as a board manager if there's a lack of interest from others, but would have a hard time spending too much time on it. At least short term.



Thank you to all who took the time to respond!