Event Type: 
Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 18:30 to 21:00
The Sextant Group
700 Waterfront Drive, #200
15222 Pittsburgh
United States
Event Details: 

Join Mark Schubin, noted authority on all things media for the inaugural meeting of the SMPTE Pittsburgh Section. With any luck, Mark will speak on and attempt to bridge the dangerous gap between new and old media in the modern world. Or he may sing.

Multiple-Emmy-award-winning SMPTE Fellow Mark Schubin has been working in television since 1967, writing about it since 1972, and chairing the HPA Tech Retreat program since 1997. He has shot for the Rolling Stones, lit Luciano Pavarotti, mixed Stevie Wonder and hooked up the TV in Eric Clapton's bedroom,

His blog, http://schubincafe.com, is archived by the Library of Congress. He once lent Meg Ryan a dinosaur and another time was sandwiched between Helen Hunt and Kyra Sedgwick. He is a contributor to The Coward's Almanack and is Minister of Information of the provisional government-in-exile of Redonda. . The New Yorker's James Lardner wrote of Schubin that "he has the spectacularly rare ability to make technical matters clear to a nontechnical person." Graham Binns of London's Rediffusion Group said in the European publication Intermedia, "He has a complete mastery of the technical background to video. He rattles off data and ideas with fluency and with wit." Director Robert Altman said of him, "We have our quiet fun together." He sometimes wears pants and shoes.