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Section Meeting
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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 05:00 to 06:30
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You are cordially invited to join us for the PNW Section on June 22, hosted by RealNetworks Seattle WA.  Time: 5pm -6:30pm RealNetworks HQ – 1501 1st Avenue South, 6th Floor (Home Plate Center)


The topic of presentation is VMAF, Advances in low-complexity CODECs, Computer Vision

VMAF – video, multimethod assessment fusion is a new video quality metric developed by Netflix using machine learning to better match the mean opinion scores of a human audience. RealNetworks validated the published results of Netflix by using the RealMedia CODEC at 4K. Real CTO, Reza Rassool, will present the findings of the recent IEEE paper “VMAF Reproducibility: Validating a Perceptual Practical Video Quality Metric”

Advances in low-complexity CODECs – while standards based CODECs, h.264 and h.265, have provided the industry with the means to power IPTV, a new breed of proprietary, low-complexity approaches are yielding new encoding tools that can deliver higher quality video over mobile networks to low-powered clients. Dr Chia-Yang Tsai, Chief Architect RealMedia, will illustrate a comparative analysis using standard test clips encoded with low and high complexity CODECs.
Computer Vision – machine learning technology has now become ubiquitous with Google’s release of the Tensorflow framework. It has been used to enable machines to see and recognize faces. Milko Boic, Chief Architect of Computer Vision, will discuss the triumphs and challenges in training a machine to excel in facial recognition. 


Presentation given by Reza Rassool, CTO of RealNetworks, heading:

RealMedia, Video CODEC development and RealCV, Computer Vision.

His pioneering achievements include:

Lightworks NLE, technical OSCAR/EMMY, sold to Tektronix
bringing the world’s first VOD server to market at Micropolis/StreamLogic
developing software DRM at Widevine Technologies, sold to Google 2010 
bionic eye development at Second Sight, IPO 2014 
music creation technology at Zya, raised $48M

Reza gained a B.Sc. in Physics from King's College, has 24 patents granted and numerous papers published.

We anticipate your participation in this event, and encourage your continued support of the PNW SMPTE chapter, as we look forward to many more learning opportunities.

Please RSVP by clicking on the link here.  

Beverages to be provided 

Parking at the event is available in the building.  IPM Parking agreed that SMPTE guests can tell the on-site parking attendant that they are guests of RealNetworks upon arrival -- so they can pull a ticket rather than pay the event rate. This is only good for the HPC garage under our building and entrance is on Utah Ave.

After the meeting, a social gathering will be held at a nearby establishment, Hosted by Ross Video.   More details to come.