Event Type: 
Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - 18:30
The Sextant Group
700 Waterfront Drive Suite #200
15222 Pittsburgh, PA
United States
Event Details: 


Join  our  section’s  SMPTE  Fellows  and  section  experts  for  a  lively  wide-­‐ranging  group  discussion 
on  topics  and  questions  impacting  our  industry  going  forward. 
• The  Spectrum  Auction  and  its  impact  on  the  future  of  broadcasting  as  we  know  it? 
• 4K/UHD-­‐  Will  it  catch  on  for  home  consumption?  
• HDR  and  Wide  Color  Gamut-­‐  boon  to  viewers  or  just  more  confusion?  
• I/P  Infrastructure  Migration  for  Live-­‐  how  fast  and  where  will  the  first  mass  deployment  be?  
• Are  broadcasters  ready  For  the  Cloud?  
• Immersive  Audio  in  the  Home  Environment-­‐  cool  or  confusing 
• Securing  your  content  in  the  age  or  awesome  web  hacks 
• Where  will  the  broadcast  engineering  leaders  of  tomorrow  be  found? 
• Virtual  Reality   -­‐  a  dream  or  the  next  big  thing  in  mass-­‐market  media? 
• Is  the  term  “broadcasting”  really  relevant  anymore,  if  not,  what  do  we  call  it?
• When  is  “Good  Enough”  good  enough?
• Will  HVEC  become  the  next  standard  codec  or  Google’s  V9/10?
• Cool  stuff  seen  at  CES  2016
• And  more

Hospitality provided by Canon USA
Open to SMPTE and SBE Members and Guests