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Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 06:30
Pittsburgh Community Television
1300 Western Ave.
15233 Pittsburgh, PA
United States
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Programmable Logic Controllers and the Broadcast Industry

With Phil Salkie


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are ruggedized industrial computing devices, currently used in every sector of manufacturing and industry. Designed for extremely high reliability, long uptimes, and easy serviceability, they are a natural fit for many niche requirements in broadcast operations such as tally, GPI routing, and transmission of digital control signals, and indeed have been used in broadcast service since the early 1980s.

We will demonstrate some PLC hardware, and discuss broadcast applications using standalone PLC systems, PLCs integrated with Operator Interface Terminals (OITs), and hybrid systems containing PLCs and general-purpose computers.

Tours of PCTV follow the presentation.

Hospitality provided by Fujinon

Phil Salkie is the designer of the TallyEngine and Tally4 series of broadcast tally/GPI routing systems. Hooked on broadcasting in a cable studio in 1979, he has worked to apply computer and automation technology to the broadcast industry at ABC, CBS, Howman Controls, and now is Managing Director of TallyEngine, LLC.

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