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Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 10:00 to 15:00
202 Fifth Avenue
15222 Pittsburgh, PA
United States
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Vincent Gabriel Antonini, CTS
Howard Kaufman

Explore microphone technology and learn which mics to use for different applications:
• Microphone Attributes
• On/Off Axis
• Myths in large vs. small diaphragm
• Omni vs. Directional
• Dynamic vs. Condenser
• Speech Intelligibility
• Rejection Of Background Noise
• Body worn Microphones- Location Matters
• Live Recorded Portrayal
• The Importance of Off Axis Linearity
• Live Recorded Portrayal
• Pre-Recorded music examples displaying
• Transient response
• Off Axis Rejection

Learn about the changing Wireless Mic landscape
• A brief recap of the 2010 Spectrum Auction and the resulting UHF band and what we know about the results
• The New Rules for operation of Wireless Mics August 2015
o Part 74 rules - for licensed users
o Part 15 rules - for unlicensed users o Which are you?
• Possible UHF band plan scenarios post auction
• New Frequency bands and how they might become
• Ways to maximize the use of antennas and ancillary
gear in the soon to be crowded UHF band

Saturday, April 30th
10am to 3pm.
Lunch Included -Coffee and Danish at 9:45a
Registration Fee
$25 SMPTE Members, $75 non-members

To apply e-mail attached registration tosmptepittsburgh@gmail.com