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Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 18:00
WQED Multimedia
4802 Fifth Avenue
15213 Pittsburgh, PA
United States
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Building a Multichannel / Multi-station Centralized Master Control without Coax
John Luff, HD Consulting

“Broadcast facilities have had baseband interconnects on coax for decades, using decoded signals from compressed sources, and delivering compressed signals to distribution. But modern technology allows the elimination of baseband signals completely, and the replacement of SDI interconnections with IP connections friendly to software implementations of broadcast workflow. We’ll explore the options available for modern master control facilities and look at an all IP multichannel/multi-station centralized master control facility coming on line this summer in Ohio. We’ll explore the reasons for the design decisions, the effect on technology and budgets, and the technology and workflow lessons learned in building a facility with almost no coax at all.” 

PLUS: Special Report: 2016 IBC Conference
George Hoover, NEP