Event Type: 
Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 18:30
Cisco Systems, Bldg 24
510 Mc Carthy Blvd
95035 Milpitas, CA
United States
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SMPTE-2110 is providing standardization for IP as the underlying infrastructure for professional media production. In delivering more than the efficacy that we have achieved with SDI, SMPTE-2110 has developed as a suite of standards with the incorporation of new options, the latest of which is NMOS IS-06. Ms. Dhesikan's talk will focus on the relationship between the publications of NMOS IS-04, 05, -06 with respect to Broadcast IP workflows that provide device discovery, media flow setup and transport of media between sources and destinations.  Ms. Dhesikan will also cover the various network considerations such as bandwidth management in various network topologies to achieve a zero loss and low latency network transport.

John Shike from VMI will provide a short introduction to SMPTE-2110 to set the background for the presentation.


Subha Dhesikan is a principal engineer and systems architect who currently covers strategy and architecture for Professional Media Networks at Cisco Systems.  She is a key contributor in many of the standards activities and chairs the Network Control API workgroup under Advanced Media Workflow Association.  Subha has been with Cisco Systems for almost 20 years and has worked on many transformative projects involving real-time applications such as Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, Desktop Virtualization and Video enabled Contact Center. She has also contributed and authored standards in IETF and IEEE and holds over 25 patents.  She enjoys gardening and traveling with her family.

Refreshments will be provided.