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Section Meeting
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Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 18:30 to 21:30
Sony Electronics
1730 N. First Street
95112 San Jose, CA
United States
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Presenter: Joe Kane, Joe Kane Productions

The format was born in the consumer world where so called UHD sets were available to customers prior to program content being produced and made available. UHD as it is currently defined is different from the 4K and or 8K production formats. There could be issues going between the two in the initial stages of providing content. We'll look at how some of the production issues have initially been solved and where the format in production and distribution could be going. UHD offers us the opportunity to break our tradition of basing video parameters on the CRT display. Done right it could completely replace HD and usher in significant changes to the rules of creating video.

Mr. Kane specializes in the science of electronic imaging, accurately reproducing video on electronic display devices. He has produced several ground-breaking programs on the subject, including A Video Standard, two versions of Video Essentials and multiple versions of Digital VideoEssentials. He’s currently working and lecturing in UHD TV program production, digital compression of video for high quality distribution, and UHD TV displays.

Refreshments will be provided.