The SMPTE Toronto Board of Managers are currently soliciting papers for presentation at upcoming monthly meetings. The Section normally accepts technical papers from companies and individuals which will appeal to SMPTE members. By rule they are not to be "sales oriented" by nature and if products or services are mentioned as part of the technical presentation there is to be no reference to sales pricing.

General Requirements

  • Papers must be of a technical nature and related to motion imaging. Our members are primarily from the Television Broadcasting, Film Production and related industries.
  • Presenters must follow the SMPTE presentation guidelines regarding commercial content.
  • Submitters should be prepared to make available the author (or person with equivalent deep knowledge of the paper) to present it at a mutually agreed upon monthly meeting in Toronto.
  • Presentations should generally be 35 minutes in length and exact timing will be set by the Section Manager organizing the meeting.
  • Order of Presentations will be determined by the Section Manager who is organizing the meeting.
  • By agreeing to present at a Toronto SMPTE Meeting the presenter agrees to both the presenters and presentation being streamed both live and to reside as part of an accessible archive following the meeting.
  • A series of papers will be considered by the Toronto Section.
  • The Toronto Section normally does not allow for a meeting to consist of presentations by a single manufacturer or vendor.

Topics for Presentations

We are interested in papers on any topics (as long as you can show how they would be of interest to the SMPTE community which, amongst others, includes Television, Film, Post, Multimedia, Gaming, etc.)
We will generally attempt to group papers into common themes such that the two or three papers presented at each meeting will have some topical continuity.

How to respond

Interested parties should submit a 200 word detailed synopsis of your paper via e-mail at your earliest convenience. We will consider expressions of interest and synopsis at our next board of managers meeting.
We cannot guarantee any particular paper will be chosen, we will give preference on a first come first served basis.
Please respond promptly for best opportunity, as our meeting schedule will fill up quickly.
NOTE: This call will remain open indefinitely. If at any time in the future, you develop an idea or paper, please submit it as above and it will be considered as opportunity allows.
Please submit your synopsis to the Chair of the Toronto Section. Contact information can be found on our Board Of Managers page.



Contact any board member.

Please feel free to distribute this "call" to other interested parties.
Thank you for your interest in and support of SMPTE Toronto