The meeting is the key activity of the SMPTE worldwide- and in the UK we are applying many of the traditions on which SMPTE is based- and all regular meetings across the UK are open to all.

Thus SMPTE UK section is reinforcing the tradition of meeting over ample refreshments for some time before welcoming the speaker at our regular Thursday evening gatherings.

Meeting people is one of the most efficient ways of finding out what is going on! - where the jobs are? – what are the current topical subjects? And the way in which the media world is changing!
SMPTE members are the people who are leading or enabling the change-   so being able to discuss and share ideas and facts with fellow engineers and technologists is an important part of your job.

SMPTE UK section meetings have  speakers who are providing solutions to the practical problems that they have met – and every meeting includes a good question and answer session which meets our educative aims – covering the whole of the technology of moving pictures and assorted sound & metadata

… And we want the conversations to continue after the meeting has ended.  
We have Twitter Facebook and a Linked in group– and all SMPTE members will get a list of those attending – so that they can keep in touch with each other – and welcome new entrants.

SMPTE UK section has establshed a tradition of meeting "Where People Work" thus provding a clear link with our careers and the industries of the technologies of the media..

SMPTE UK section welcomes all to our meetings – and encourages members to introduce their friends and colleagues –particularly people new to our industries.   

However we require all those who wish to attend to register – this means that we can easily tell you of other up and coming events, provide the members with the list of attendees- print out name tags etc. and scale the refreshments   to the size of audience – and for many locations to get you past security gates.
If an meeting is popular members get some preferential registration.

If an event is very popular and we have to restrict numbers – we will try to run a similar event and let all members and then those on back list to apply first.

Meetings matter to us - so if you or your company has an idea for a topic – an opportunity for you to share what you have achieved -let us know
and sponsorship for Refreshments and the section are always very welcome.

For more details Contact the Hon Secretary

SMPTE UK has "Traditions" covering the way in which

The full programmee of meetings is planned 

The meeting itself is Produced (typically in May/ June)     And then Run

These are guidanace to those members as they provide the high quality and compresehsive
meetings for which SMPTE UK is reknowned worldwide and is so much of "What we do"