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Section Meeting
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Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 17:00 to 20:45
Chalfont Grove
SL9 8TN Chalfont St. Giles
United Kingdom
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Meeting Oversubscribed We will see and hear how BFBS Television broadcasts up to 16 channels of UK television round the clock to Germany, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Middle East, Brunei, Indian Ocean, Nepal, to British bases in Canada, Afghanistan, Kenya, Ascension and the Falkland Islands, and how live, multichannel live TV is broadcast to the British Navy Fleet, on-line and to locations (e.g. submarines) without satellite or internet.  Add to that around 30 separate radio services broadcast around the clock, around the world on AM, FM, DAB, satellite and on-line.  


BFSB began during WWII and over 70 years provides radio, music, TV and on-line media services to reach servicemen and servicewomen in over 24 countries.  BFBS offers up to 16 channels of live and time shifted TV, 30 live and local, networked, rebroadcast and automated radio stations, video on demand, digital newspapers video and music services.  It also operates digital cinemas for Forces stationed around the world, provides live entertainment shows and uses social media to entertain, inform and educate its audience wherever they are posted, stationed or on combat operations, providing essential, morale-boosting welfare and a vital connection with families and friends at home.


We will look at the use of traditional and new broadcast technologies and the application of specialist and COTS equipment to deliver digitally secure live video and VOD content to every military location, from remote patrol bases to ships and submarines, and how BFBS has overcome the many technical and other challenges, from rights management, acquisition, media processing, scheduling, moving watersheds and delivery of the signal to even the remotest and austere locations imaginable.  


We will start by viewing the live daily British Forces News TV programme, meeting some of the staff responsible – and then hear about the technology and systems which support services doing so much to maintain the connection of those serving aboard with their families and life in their home countries.


We will then tour the technical facilities at Chalfont Grove and over refreshments have an opportunity to discuss BFBS Television and some of the other services SSVC offer – including Cinemas and the guardianship of the British Defences Film Library – with key technology staff.    


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Quentin Howard is Director of Television and Director of Technology at SSVC but he spent 30 in commercial radio as both Programme Director and Director of Technology of the UK’s largest radio group, he was also CEO of Digital One, the UK national DAB network, President of the WorldDMB Forum, a national radio presenter and winner of five Sony Radio Awards.... and is still known for Radio Birdsong.

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