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Section Meeting
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Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 06:15
Ericsson Television
Strategic Park Comines Way
SO30 4DA Hedge End; Southampton
United Kingdom
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With higher resolution, wider colour gamut and extended dynamic range, the new Ultra High Definition TV (UHD) standards define a container which allows content creators to offer the consumer a much more immersive visual experience. However there are some artefacts noted within the container particularly  around HDR material.  Olie Bauman outlines why YCrCb are used and the human vision systems response to changes in chroma / luminance  and the Correlation between R, G and B

As HDR and WCG expand the Colour Volumes he will show why thse increased from SD (601) to HD (709) to UHD (2020) and show the difference between PQ (Display Referred) and HLG (Scene Referred ) workflows

 From this background he will show examples of artefacts due to Chroma down sampling and show the different characteristics – depending on work flow

He highlights that the problems will become greater as more content exploiting the full UHD container becomes available, requiring additional care and processing in content production and delivery

 Although very little content exploiting the full range of the container is yet available some artefacts associated with the compression of high dynamic range (HDR) content have already been identified and reported in the literature. Specifically, the Chroma down-sampling process has been shown to cause disturbing  artefacts for image regions of certain colour and luminance. The distortion and identified regions of the extended colour volume where artefacts ssociated with standard image processing techniques are more likely to occur will be discussed and means of minimising the visual effect mentioned. .

This is a revised presentation based on the paper presented and published at IBC 17 
by Olie Baumann  Alex Okell and Jacob Ström

Download the Slide pack - and be amazd at Olie's results!


Olie Baumann is Senior Technical Specialist, Video Processing, Media Solutions at Ericsson. In this role, Olie is responsible for leading research into video compression
and associated technologies. He has delivered several proof of concept demonstrations in high dynamic range and 360º (VR) video.

Olie joined Ericsson in 2013 and has held roles as Senior Algorithms Research Engineer and Principal Engineer. Prior to this, he spent five years working as a research fellow
in thefield of active vibration control and a further five years working in biomedical signal processing. 

Olie received his Master of Engineering degree in 2000 and his Ph.D. in image processing in 2004,both from the University of Southampton, UK.
His work has been published in a number of journals by leading industry bodies  including SMPTE and EBU, on topics such as the delivery of high dynamic range, ultra high definition television and HEVC. 



Ericsson Television, Unit 2, Strategic Park, Comines Way, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 4DA. is a short distance from Junction 7 of the M27 see map

From M 3 South pay special attention to the overhead gantry signs as you go past Chandlers Ford and Eastleigh.  The M3 motorway splits and, confusingly, you need the right hand lanes to go left (East) towards Portsmouth and the left hand lanes to go (West) towards Bournemouth – you need Portsmouth!

At the end of the M3 please follow the right hand lane signs for the M27 Portsmouth – take special care when joining the M27, it’s tricky, with very little filter lane available

When on the M27, towards Portsmouth, come off at J7 (Hedge End), which is the next junction after J5 (Southampton Airport & Southampton Airport Parkway Railway Station) – there is no J6!

Turn right onto the A334  Charles Watt Way  which is signposted Southampton A33 -   and the next Roundabout  Kane’s Hill  there is always heavy traffic here so leave ample time
Take a very sharp first exit into Upper Northam Drive which has  no sign . 
Carry Straight on in the Industrial site (Comines Way)  and follow Signs to Ericsson on the left   see map


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