Further adventures in the world of IP: SMPTE 2110 and NMOS

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Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 18:00 to 20:45
Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre (IWIC)
The Atrium, University of Suffolk 19 Neptune Quay
IP4 1QJ Ipswich,
United Kingdom
Event Details: 

It’s March 2018 and SMPTE 2110 is now with us (fingers crossed!)
and this meeting is so popular we have moved to the IWIC


We will learn:

  • What the SMPTE 2110 standards are and how they affect the future of professional media over IP networks;
  • What has changed in the past 12 months;
  • What new opportunities can we as an industry take from the standards;
  • What new developments are now possible.

We will explore how SMPTE 2110 fits with emerging NMOS specifications for discovery and registration (IS-04), connection management (IS-05) and network control (IS-06).

Download the slide pack - the conversational discussion at the meeting went a lot further !


What’s planned for the next 12 months?

David will show what’s missing from the standards and how we can move forward. As a pioneer in IP-based production, Suitcase TV will share its ongoing experiences, both good and bad, of using IP with broadcast signals and look at why it is worth the pain.

Ample time will be available for discussion over ample refreshments so bring your experiences, questions and answers and join us on our adventures into IP.


David Atkins - Technical Director

Having worked in broadcast since university, David boasts an extensive knowledge of the industry and its associated technology. He was technical director at Screen Subtitling from its inception in 1991 until he founded Suitcase TV in 2000.
David conceived that the fundamental components of a broadcasting station could be redesigned in such a way that they would ultimately fit into a suitcase. In the same spirit, he continues to lead on the development of broadcast technologies that are innovative, compact, efficient, multipurpose and, above all, cost-effective. 

Drawing on his years of experience and a relentless torrent of creative ideas, David provides the inspiration and technical know-how behind cutting-edge solutions that are being used by tier-1 broadcasters around the globe.

Ed Calverley - Vice President of Products

Ed commenced his career in 1999 as a project manager at the BBC, where he was privileged to be put through its broadcast engineering training. He was later involved in delivering the same training as a lecturer at the corporation’s training centre.

He got into product management at OmniBus where he oversaw the evolution of the iTX playout solution that led to the company’s acquisition by Miranda.

At OASYS Automated Playout Ltd, he helped establish the company as a major supplier of IT-based playout technologies and in its transition into BroadStream Solutions.

Since joining Suitcase TV, Ed has made an incredible impact on the product range, implementing an ambitious programme of enhancements and scoping new product lines and solutions.


The recently opened IWIC is located in the centre of Ipswich by the historic waterfront.

Please See map of the local area.

There will be sufficient parking for those driving access from Long Street.
(If the St. Mary Street exit is not open to exit, turn left (Back Hamlet) left again at B1075 (Warwick Road) left Again (St Helen St) and then left (Grinwald Street) 
- you then are heading back to the centre of Ipswich and it is then well signed to your destination)

The IWIC is a twenty-minute walk from Ipswich train station. If you are planning on travelling by train, please let us know in advance and we can try to arrange carshares.

From London Liverpool Street, there are multiple trains every hour.
We would recommend booking the 4:30pm departure to arrive at IWIC by 6pm as the 5pm is fuller and leaves you less time to network before the event/

From Ipswich back to London, most get the 9:09pm which arrives Liverpool St 10:20pm. The last train is 9:43pm and we can arrange cars.

This meeting was to be at Suitcase TV, Coachmans Court until it became so popular we have moved to the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre 
A single point of integration and access between enterprise, facilities and academic expertise, the IWIC will provide networking and collaborative opportunities 

This is set back from the Waterfront - turn away at the University of Suffolk Building and cross the Road
- go through the car park and there is a Totem saying THE ATRUIM -
the entrance is behind there!



This meeting is one a range of meetings organised by SMPTE UK
to raise awareness of the two key technologies for the Digital age

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