IET _ John Logie Baird Lecture

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Industry Event
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 18:00
IET London
Savoy Place
WC2R 0BL London
United Kingdom
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The IET Annual lecture for the Multimedia community will focus on the SMPTE Centennial

Speakers Include Barbara Lange SMPTE Executive Director 
Barbara Lange's Presentation   - and see the whole meeting on

John Logie Baird was inducted into the SMPTE Roll of Honor for his work in
showing the first  Live television transmission,
the first Colour  Television system and the Colour Picture tube

Full details and Registration from the IET website

John Logie Baird was inducted into SMPTE Honor Roll for  his  accomplishments

  • including  the first live television demonstration (1925),
  • the first publicly shown color television system (1928),
  • and the first fully electronic color television picture tube, adopted a year later by the BBC

Baird continued to develop new technology throughout his life, including a mechanical color system in 1939
(adopted by CBS/RCA); a 500-line 3D system in 1941; and an electronic 600-line color display in 1944.
Baird lobbied for postwar standardization of his 1,000-line electronic color television system.



Barbara Lange SMPTE Exec Dir sepaking at IET JLB 2016

Barbara Lange SMPTE Exective Director speaks at the IET John Logie Baird Lecture

Ian Baird with his Grandfathers SMPTE Honor  Roll Certifcate

Ian Baird holds the Roll of Honor Certificate 

Barbara Lange adressing the IET JLB lecture 2016

Barbara Lange lecturing 

SMPTE Exec Dir Cuts the Cake

... and cuts the cake

SMPTE Barbara Lange and IET president Naomi Climber enjoy the cake

SMPTE Exec Director Barbara Lange and IET president Naomi Climer enjoy the cake

IET and SMPTE Team with Ian Baird by IET Faraday statue

Martin Russ IET Multimedia Network  Peter Weitzel Hon sec  SMPTE  UK Section
Iain Baird (with SMPTE Roll of Honor  Certificate) Barbara Lange  SMPTE Exec director
and Graham Turner  Chairman IET Multimedia Communications Network
outside the IET under the statue of Michael Faraday


Photos by John Emmett