IMF on the fast track to a broadcast specification

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Section Meeting
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Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 18:15 to 20:45
200 Grays Inn Road
WC1X 8HF London
United Kingdom
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 The Interoperable Mastering Format - IMF SMPTE ST2067 has just begun to get
wide adoption in the Film industry, after its birth in 2011. 
It clearly solves many issue for the film industry where the creation of many
discrete distribution copies is being replaced with a single all encompassing master copy
with metadata to extract the destination copy requirements.
In a special collaboration, the DPP and SMPTE are engaged on a fast track route
to a SMPTE specification for  “IMF for Broadcast and Online ” 

Download  the Slide pack  and  IMF Tools


IMF looks to change the workflow in POST and will give given creatives a very cost
effective way of delivering content tailored to the audience for any particular platform
while being unaware  of the technical; needs of the platform.
By its modular nature it is very easy to add features to the standards
– which is in essence is a very flexible structure as has been seen by its growth....

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has collected the business requirements
for programme  mastering, and selected IMF as a suitable technology.
Working with the EBU QC and NABA in  North America – it formed  
The Mastering Format Business Requirements  
based on applications 2 and 2e of the SMPTE ST 2067-2 IMF standard.

In June this year SMPTE and DPP announced that they were working on a project
to Fast track the writing of a SMPTE specification based on the business
requirements, with a target for completsion in under a year
– Viz April/ May 2018.

We will hear why IMF is such a suitable technology and the business needs
for having a specification for broadcasters and those working with on line content.

The reasons for needing the IMF [B-App] so rapidly and the roles that DPP;  the industry 
and SMPTE are doing to derive a specification.

After a very brief introduction to IMF – if you want more see Bruce’s Shorts
we will be shown how IMF is a good but not perfect fit for the business needs of television–
and thus the work that needs to be done to tailor IMF to meet the needs of the creators
of Tv programmes or items for the web – and the SMPTE /DPP project progress up to IBC.


IMF is so clearly  the future workflow for all productions –
and its concept of lists and object storage have implications  well beyond
the programme  essence

This project  partnership with the DPP is the first step in a wider move by SMPTE
to take a new approach to standards and specifications,

This is the first of a series of SMPTE UK section Meetings across the UK were IMF
will be explained with quick updates from the SMPTE /DPP project.

If you want to know more about IMF as you are (about to) use it every day in your business
SMPTE has a five week Virtual classroom course IMF Essentials: What you need to know 
Next course 25 September!

Or read the Annual Progress report on IMF  from Motion Imaging Journal September 2017
Free to SMPTE members l

We thank itv for making the space available for this meeting around their office reorganisations

This meeting is one a range of meetings organised by SMPTE UK
to raise awareness of the two key technologies for the Digital age

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