Regional Seminar - Navigating the UHD ecosystem - London

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Section Meeting
Event Date: 
Monday, February 9, 2015 - 09:45 to 16:45
Tothill Street
SW1H 9NQ London
United Kingdom
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This one day event is designed to give members and non members  a ‘big picture’ look at today's vision of the future UHD Ecosystem, and how its implementation will affect the broadcasting and theatrical industries, plus how it will impact viewer engagement.

 You should attend because most media systems in the future will use the techniques being employed for UHD – even if they do not use UHD 
It is a great opportunity to meet and network with all those across our industries.

So the SMPTE Regional seminar will enable you to learn about

  •  The general end-to-end architecture that comprises the UHD ecosystem
  •  The technical parameters of UHD, and the compression methods used to convert UHD content to a manageable file size for transmission, reception, or storage
  •  What defines an immersive audio system, including examples
  •  How content distribution across an IP network is achieved
  •  How the techniques of live production acquisition are affected by working with raw data versus compressed data,
  • The major technical considerations for UHD programme production.
  •  The industry-wide reference architecture that encompasses workflow from the camera to post to delivery method
  • The potential new standards associated with UHD 

 In a friendly collaborative atmosphere – hearing the experts and leaders of our industries


The Regional Seminar in London is priced at £70 Inc VAT for SMPTE members
– with discounts for Graduates (Half Price) and Students
For Non members it is £180 Inc VAT
(why not Join SMPTE - its only about £90 a year and gives you so many benefits)
This includes Coffee, Lunch and Afternoon Break refreshments.



The Regional seminar in more detail

The day starts Coffee and meeting each other and the speakers

And then at 10:15 we start the formal sessions with a setting the landscape of UHD –  the basic definitions  and challenges which are being solved, where standardisation  work is needed to be completed  and how  UHD is (and will be) impacting on Film , TV and more.

the first thing that the viewer sees is the screen – and so the requirements of the screen in terms of Bit depth Frame rate Colour gamut as well as pixel density and  EOTF (aka Gamma)  and peak brightness  will be described with reference to the different and emerging technology.

 Audio is often overlooked - but UHD will needs immersive sound to convey the full emotion of a scene   to the audience. Techniques such as Object based audio as well as the more conventional multichannel sound will be described.

Coffee Break

HEVC Compression is seen to be the way that UHD content will be distributed - both through the air and over IP networks.   The features and methods used in HEVC will be explained and how it can handle the greater quantity of data, and how higher frame rate and static resolution may means more efficient coding resulting in a lower bit rate.     

Lunch Break
                           Around this point we will break for lunch and the opportunity to meet each other
                          and the speakers and SMPTE Managers. 

At about 2pm  Having defined what and how UHD content is being delivered to the audience – the large scope of the Production systems will be covered for TV and Film content and for other uses.  
The key issue is dealing with the very high bit rates that a UHD source can generate, and how compression is or may be used   in the production Process.  The focus is directed to UHD interface standards, editing systems, and the need for faster and increased storage capacity.

Afternoon Break

How the technology can be shaped into workflows that deliver quality results at an affordable price is the penultimate topic – covering what has been done now a case study of a practical experience in live UHD production and developing the outlines of industry wide reference architecture from camera to post to storage and archive.

To sum up the whole day  by looking at the timescales of solving the implementation challenges
 and the rollout in different part of our industries and the strategies being taken across the world.

The day ends at about 4:30 pm

After the Regional Seminar you will be sent a copy of the slide pack used.


The London Regional Seminar is Sponsored by

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Professional A/V, and image processing companies.

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