Event Type: 
Industry Event
Event Date: 
Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 17:00 to 17:45
Room D304 Elicium Building
IBC RAI Conference Centre
NL 1070 MS Amsterdam
Event Details: 

As the Media Engineering has moved away from Hardware to Software based solutions,
there has been much talk about making IT people understand broadcasting and broadcast
engineers understand IT 
Down load the Presentation and how to help us

Come and hear some of results that some SMPTE UK members have had in identifying
acquiring and sharing fundamental knowledge and awareness
- it may not be what you have thought!
– and for you to contribute   more fundamental  areas which are “not understood “
 and ideas for the next  steps alongside what is currently being actioned.

This topic becomes all the more important in the UK as the country welcomes
the increasing number of apprentices - learning “in the job" as well as at university- 

No registration needed - just join us and join in

Likely Panellists include those who have merged IT and traditional engineering
departments,those whose R&D staff are most all Computer Science PhDs,
young graduate joining the industry and setting up their own businesses,
and those who have seen that there is a lack of key knowledge in the workforce at large!

Come and help those in the industry SMPTE IET IABM take action to increase industry wide
awareness of what is fundamental for media technologists  

This event is supported by the IET's Multimedia Communications Network.

The Elicium building is above Hall 13 which is where SONY and IBC TV are located

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