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Section Meeting
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Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 18:00 to 21:00
BBC Research and Development South Lab
56 Wood Lane
W12 7SB London
United Kingdom
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BBC R&D London W12 7SB  - This meeting is full

BBC R&D specialists will guide us through recent standardisation work on synchronisation, new proposals for time-labelling and developments for the IP-based studio.
We meet at 18h00 with some short tours of BBC R&D - the presentations start at 19h00


SMPTE TC-33TS (now part of TC-32NF) developed the 2059 family of standards which will move studio synchronisation into the modern era with an IP-based technology to take the place of the well-known “black & burst” composite analogue video reference.

TC-33TS  also looks at new time labelling systems that would overcome limitations of SMPTE 12M by extending to higher resolution and frame rates, and a range more than 24 hours.  The 1/1.001 frame rates make this an interesting challenge!


BBC R&D is developing technology for the IP Studio, including low-delay streaming, flexible provision and discovery of resources; distributed control and real-time handling of data events.


Our speakers are:

John Fletcher, Lead Technologist BBC R&D, Former Chairman SMPTE Technology Committee on Time Labelling and Synchronization Committee (33TS) 
John’s work is focussed on technical standards and application of new technology in the production environment.

Peter Brightwell, Lead Technologist BBC R&D, SMPTE member
Peter’s work is focussed on development of IP-based production systems.



Meeting starts at 1800, short tours at 1810 and 1830 of the BBC R&D South Lab will start

– demonstrations will include recent work on picture quality and IP Studio.

and we reconvene for a presentation at 1900.