Event Type: 
Industry Event
Event Date: 
Monday, March 20, 2017 - 12:00 to 18:30
University of Essex
Silberrad Building, located next to the lake in square 5 Wivenhoe Park
CO4 3SQ Colchester
United Kingdom
Event Details: 

The Project Open Day for the Sc School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE).
showcases undergraduates' final year projects and their outcomes to an audience of academics,
potential employers, examiners and members of the university community.

 SMPTE members and friends are cordially invited to see the work - which includes Image Processing
as well as a wide range of communication,  signal processing and computer science applications.

As well as the students whose work shows the current and future directions of "Engineering"  -
you will have the opportunity to  meet the staff  - Including SMPTE member Prof David Crawford

Please Register via the University website where more information can be found
Unless you are an Alumnus of Essex Univeristy or a stundent - use Company Contact ticket.