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Section Meeting
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Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 18:15 to 20:45
Open Broadcast Systems Ltd
Unit N403 Westminster Business Square 1-45 Durham Street
SE11 5JH London
United Kingdom
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In recent years the increased processing power of IT equipment and commodity capture/playback boards
for interfaces such as SDI and ASI have gradually allowed for more and more of the live broadcast chain
to be built using parts you could buy in PC World.

This is now reaching the stage where playout and delivery of complex channels are being done in pure software, the broadcast apps room looking no different to an IT datacentre.
The use of IP to replace SDI allows an even greater abstraction, decoupling compute resources from their physical connector allowing movement towards a virtualised/containerised environment.
At the same time keeping the accountants happy with lower costs.

This presentation will look at the work of early pioneers and how they quietly managed to use IT hardware for live broadcast, proving wrong many who said it wasn’t possible.
It will also look at the benefits and difficulties with mapping a traditionally hardware-centric “one-box-one-job” environment into a broadcast compute resource environment, both from a low-level programming level to a day-to-day operational level.

It will also investigate how principles from IT such as continuous delivery can be mapped into broadcast,
where upgrades that once took months of rewiring can now be added at the click of a button.

The presentation slides

Company Info

Open Broadcast Systems builds software and hardware for live broadcast, mainly for video transport and interface conversion.
Its products, with all software written in-house, are based entirely around commodity hardware
and are used to transport news and sport events. The company aims to open-source as much of its software as possible.



Kieran Kunhya is the founder of Open Broadcast Systems, a company built around his work on the FFmpeg and x264 Open Source projects.
He leads a small but specialised team of engineering and operations staff and has worked on rolling out large live broadcast projects using IT hardware.
He has a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Bristol. 



From Vauxhall Station National Rail and Victoria line and major Bus node go to the east side of the railway
on Kennington Lane (A3204)  –  head 200 m  east and turn Right into  Durham Street

See Google maps

Enter in the revolving doors in the building marked Vox Studios.