Selected from a group of SMPTE members - see how their early career experiences  moving  through a numbers of different industry sectors and technologies – help them  relate to those who are just making their first steps in our industries.  


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Ulrich du Bosque

According to my mother I was born an engineer, removing a screw from a tram in my hometown of Hamburg, Germany when I was only just old enough to crawl - much to the delight of my mum but the dismay of our fellow travellers. For my fourth birthday I got given a screwdriver, pliers and a carburettor.

In a sense I was, and still am, a hacker - wanting to understand what makes things tick. Taking stuff apart is a good start.

Being interested in far too many things I first became a sound engineer and music producer, but ultimately my calling to engineering prevailed. I finally learned how to put things back together.

Later I even designed hardware and software which were in use for years.

During my nine years with the BBC in various engineering and training roles I learned that engineering is not just limited to technology - indeed sometimes all it needs is a change of workflow, or worldview... to make it all snap into place. 

I am now a freelance technology trainer, workflow consultant and engineer. I am devoting a lot of time to mentoring students, doing STEM outreach work in schools and getting involved in SMPTE events.


Peter Bridges

 I’m fascinated by broadcasting. The technology, the creativity, I love it all, with a particular passion for audio.

I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bristol, then after graduating in 1998 I joined the BBC as a Trainee Studio Manager (radio studio operator) with World Service radio at Bush House in London.

In 2001 I transferred to BBC television news, predominantly working as a studio sound operator, but also doing a little bit of lighting, vision mixing and studio directing.

In 2002 I moved again, this time to BBC Studios and Post Production (one of the BBC’s commercial subsidiary companies) where I worked as a TV studio Sound Supervisor, based at BBC TV Centre, working across the whole range of programme genres from light entertainment to sport.

In 2013 I joined BBC Technology, working as a Technologist within the area of TV production technology and in January 2015 I left the BBC to join Harman as Business Development Manager for Broadcast, predominantly working with Harman's broadcast audio console manufacturer Studer.


Andrew Foster

medium_Andy Foster.jpgAndrew Foster Graduated in Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University in 2008 and founded Totem Films with three other students.

Totem Films specialises in events coverage and the corporate video sector with clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies, to the UK Civil Service, and motorsport. The work is international, covering events in South Africa, Turkey, India, as well as around Europe and at home in the UK.    

At the start Andrew was an early adopter of low cost DSLRS to offer video production services on a budget, building a client base and growing the business. Then again in 2011 Andrew took advantage of the emerging PC-based vision mixing technologies and developed a flexible “studio-in-a-box" solution. Providing services including vision mixing, live streaming, live video links, also using bonded 4G, and VSAT for the more awkward locations.

Today, Andrew works on interactive live events, as well as video production, based in London.

Andrew spoke at BVE15  -  “Working harmoniously with technical teams to aid your production”  Slide pack


Ashley Golder

 I have packed a lot in, in the last few years. 4 Years of working in the broadcast industry, 3 years completing a degree in TV Production with first class honours and spending the last 2 years producing the IBC Rising Stars programme, It almost feels as if he never stops.

I’m  all about innovation, inspiration and reinvigorating anyone he comes in contact with. Producing Rising Stars for IBC has allowed him to channel those buzzwords into a creative and inspirational conference programme, whilst breaking audience records year on year. On top of his producing career, my strong sense of story through video pulls him into awe inspiring situations, his last project taking him to India to film a documentary, despite being told it couldn’t be done.

It is apparent his motivation comes from never conceding to being told no.
“ If there’s a way of achieving a goal, we would bet our bottom dollar that Ash will find it.”

See and Hear Ashley speaking at a recent ITTP conference


Russell  Trafford Jones

Russell  T-J  VCom I have has been in broadcasting for over 15 years.

After working in radio while studying for my degree,
I trained at the BBC and then worked in the central control room which involved upkeep and problem solving of permanent circuits, satellite transmissions and live programmes across analogue, digital and IP technologies.

I then worked  for a systems integrator designing systems and bidding on projects for broadcasters internationally, I now manage the support and post-sale services for a broadcast manufacturer.

I have a strong interest in Broadcast as a whole and am on the SMPTE UK section board.

 When someone has been with a company for a year or two, there tends to be a strong fall-off in training.
SMPTE meetings and webinars  help me keep up to date with changes in technology across all parts of the broadcast chain. 

Russell and 5 other SMPTE memebers spoke about "Make me a Broadcast Engineer at BVE 15" Slide pack


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