Introduction to Graduate Initiative

SMPTE UK Section Graduate Initiative is one of the ways that SMPTE is helping the media technology communities in the UK.

It offers SMPTE student members on Graduation and from 2015 Those graduates working for SMPTE Sustaining members

  • A discounted SMPTE professional subscription – over 50% in first year
  • A means of contacting  a SMPTE team for advice as they start their careers
  • Recognition  and introductions  when they attend a SMPTE UK meetings
  • Discount on SMPTE UK events and other special activities & information

It is currently experimental but it is hoped that this initiative will be rolled out across SMPTE worldwide.
In 2015 its success has been rolled out to those graduates working with those companies who sustain SMPTE


SMPTE Values its younger members

Hear what Wendy Alysworth (SMPTE President 2013-14) has to say – and also Howard Lukk (ex CTO Disney )
- and the thanks to SMPTE members from the  IBC Rising Stars programme.

In times gone by graduates were mainly employed by larger firms who had training programmes and making graduates feel part of their industry.
Today there are fewer large firms and an industry which is not as simple as it used to be - or as it appears for the younger member – There are lots of small firms and may be even the need to go freelance, and where is the best route to the future.???

So SMPTE UK sees that it can provide the supportive environment for those new to work through its meetings and the willingness of members to help guide those in our starting work as well as provide the “keeping up to date” education which is needed by all. 


So what do you need to do?

 Student members who graduate will be invited to  join the Graduate Initiative   scheme – by moving to full SMPTE membership on these highly beneficial financial terms – and then accessing the help that comes – both from being a SMPTE members attending meeting etc. , and the more specialist advice from our Graduate Initiative Panel who can access  SMPTE members across the world.
Graduates should join the Graduate Initiative promptly so  that they can benefit  from all that SMPTE and its members can offer

Established members can encourage the graduates they know to move to full SMPTE membership, and supports them in their own company- but also point out the breadth and depths of the media technology world and the ways in which SMPTE bridges and encourages networking for al in any aspect of Film TV and digital media - and sometimes beyond.  
Members will also act as source of knowledge experience and inspiration to those joining our industries

Companies can ensure that SMPTE membership and the Graduate Initiative are well known within their operation and those of the suppliers and customers around them- and help by provide their staff, resources and money to support SMPTE activities. Sustaining Mabesr comanies will be reminded of the ways in whaich their new graduates can benefit from .this intiative.
 Companies can also support SMPTE graduates by sending them to IBC Rising Stars programme

To find out more - Contact us

What SMPTE does

Student members will be emailed with the details of the scheme and the discount code which takes them to the special registration page.  
They have up to 3 months to take up the offer – SMPTE Bylaws then mean that their membership lapses after which they can only (at the moment) join SMPTE at Full membership rate.  
If you think you are entitled to the discount please contact Hon sec

SMPTE UK has a panel of younger members who can help Graduates on an individual basis.

  • Ulrich du Bosque    with experience of the maintenance side of broadcast engineering and latterly with the BBC Academy, he is now a freelance trainer.
  • Peter Bridges – an  award winning Sound supervisor, then a Technology strategist, now a Product manger for leading audio comanpy 
  • Andy Foster - founder of Totem Films - a events oriented production company
  • Ashley Golder   graduated in 2014 - and has been the producer of the IBC Rising Stars programme in 2013 and 2014... and is just starting out with freelance assignments
  • Russell Trafford Jones - A product manager for video codecs but with extensive operational experience in a major central area –including Audio and video over IP and then of designing and running projects world wide.

This group can call on the expertise of all SMPTE members
- but their first call is often to the UK Board of Managers and other SMPTE officers.

You can find out more about the panel and read their biographies  

Get in touch with them